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Dubb offers a suite of video creation, distribution, and tracking tools to engage your prospects and increase your revenue.

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Dubb Chrome Extension

The Dubb Chrome Extension is a powerful yet easy-to-use video solution that allows you to create and share videos recorded from your screen or webcam. Share your videos directly from dozens of channels including Gmail, LinkedIn, and your favorite CRMs.

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Dubb Desktop App

The Dubb Desktop app is a fully-integrated screen and webcam recording desktop app for your Mac or PC. Record anything you can see on your screen, including PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and your entire browser. Have peace-of-mind know you can also play, pause and maximize your webcam to add a more polished look to your video. Maybe even a masterclass.

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Dubb Mobile App

The Dubb mobile app and mobile-optimized website gives users the ability to create or upload engaging videos directly from their mobile device.

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Dubb LinkedIn Integration

Dubb now integrates with 5 key aspects of LinkedIn (messaging, comments, connection request, Sales Navigator and Recruiter. Get it done with Dubb.

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IRA AI Writing Assistant

IRA (Interactive reaction assistant) is a powerful artificial assistant designed to help you become a better writer that results in more conversions for your business. This technology allows you to select a specific type of writing application (blog post, social media caption, email copy, YouTube video script), a topic, industry, and tone. The output is a near-ready piece of copywriting that you can publish to any of your channels.

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Avatar Video Generator

Use Dubb Ava to generate talking avatar videos based on a script of your choice. Select from a library of avatar models or create your own with just a few button clicks. By having the ability to select a specific voice and multiple languages, you will connect with your clients at scale without having to worry about a bad hair day.

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Dubb + YouTube

Introducing YouTube integration! Now you can make any YouTube video actionable with the ability to add YouTube videos to Dubb Action Pages. Control of the design of your page while leveraging Dubb's interactive calls-to-action. Drive sales, schedule meetings and more!

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Video Page Presets

With Presets you can pre-select a saved combination of settings for your Dubb Action Pages. Streamline your creation and sharing process by having Presets for all your various efforts. Presets include settings such as Calls-to-Action, privacy options, playlists videos, branding, captions, messaging, and more.

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Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds is a powerful real-time editing feature that allows you to feel comfortable in your setting without having to worry about your background as a distraction. You can use custom images in place of your actual background and you can also blur your background . This is a fast and easy way to add personality and personalization to your videos with zero additional time or equipment.

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Video Page Templates

You need to include the right elements in your video pages to fit a specific goal. Dubb Video Templates allow you to save time and apply saved settings to videos in one click. You can now launch a video landing page with the right elements in seconds - without doing it every time!

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Dubb Caira is an artificial intelligence-driven real-time feedback assistant to help you improve your communication delivery, clarity, empathy, professionalism, positivity, and persuasiveness. Caira is an integrated solution in Dubb and can be used to analyze any video in your account.

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Bio Link

Drive more engagement and conversions with a Dubb-powered video landing page -- optimized for your social profile bios such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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QR Codes

Drive more engagement and conversions from your print materials and mobile phone with automatically generated QR codes.

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Create and share video scripts with your team to optimize your recording time from your phone or desktop.

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Record videos from your phone or desktop with ease with the Dubb teleprompter. Impress your viewers - and your team - with scripts that convey your value proposition and convert.

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Broadcast Email Campaigns

Personalized video communication doesn’t have to take so much time. Use Dubb’s editable email templates to send personalized video emails/text messages at scale. These templates can be formatted as needed using simple drag-and-drop controls and personalized with text, your logo, links, and thumbnails. You can even include the viewer’s name in the thumbnail of the video to boost click-through rates.

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Two Way SMS Campaigns

Short messaging service (SMS) is one of the best ways to send and receive messages from your prospects, contacts, and clients. With Dubb’s two-way SMS technology, you can broadcast an SMS message with a link and video to share a short visual message that drives conversions for your business. Through Dubb’s contact profile, you can also send individual SMS messages to contacts individually. Rest assured that you will be able to monitor the activity tracking of your campaigns with real-time reporting all within the Dubb dashboard.

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Team Management

Dubb is designed to allow you to collaborate effectively with your team. You can add team members, assign roles, and track progress and activity. You'll get everything you need to run successful campaigns in one place.

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Dubb automation allows you to easily build a sequence to automatically send video messages. You can include delays to send emails at a later time, or use tags to segment contacts based on their activity - like if they watched a video or not. This way, the right video message is delivered to the right person - all on autopilot.

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Email Signature

Your signature is a quick way to make a great impression, look professional, and give your readers the information they need to contact you. Simply add your signature in your Dubb account to include it in your video emails. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds to set up!

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Custom Branding

Dubb’s flexible action pages allow you to add and edit branding assets - logo, background images, and colors - to fit your business. Keep your branding consistent across your marketing channels for increased trust, branding, and consistency.

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iMessage Extension

The Dubb’s iMessage extension offers a seamless way to make your videos actionable on iOS devices. Anyone can use this extension to quickly send Dubb action pages—which can include calls to action—to any prospect through iMessage.

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Dubb Transcribe

Get ready for auto-transcription! Now we can transcribe your Dubb videos to any language of your choosing (for very modest price per minute). Simply select a video from your Dubb Dashboard to access the video details page and scroll down to find the auto-transcription option.

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Dubb Messaging

We are proud to announce Dubb Messaging! Enabled with one click, Dubb Messaging allows real-time text communication right below your video. It works on desktop and mobile. Follow-ups have never been easier!

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Video Reply

Never before has it been this easy to capture a video reply. You can leverage this feature to capture feedback, testimonials, reviews, or any other type of video you'd like. Social proof like this can help increase your sales by 30% to 300%. Start caputring and publishing video replies to your social accounts, YouTube, website, and your other channels.

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Dubb CRM

While Dubb has integrations and is compatible with most major CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce, it also provides its own built-in CRM if users need an all-in-one solution. With the Dubb CRM users can import and manage contacts, track deal flow, and send personalized video emails/SMS in bulk. Your customers are waiting.

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