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Build Trust
Create one-to-one experiences using video directly from your email, social networks, and SMS.
Expedite Sales
Educate, consult, and convey value to your business prospects to help close more deals faster.
Increase Retention
A video platform that lets you convey your ever-growing value proposition to your audience.
Promote Referrals
Encourage your best marketers (your clients) to be evangelists of you and your offerings.

About Dubb

Founded in 2015, Dubb is a video communication platform that offers business users a platform to send personalized, trackable videos. Based in Los Angeles, the company was founded by deep technologists with specialties in marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The Dubb platform features a mobile app, Outlook Add-In, website, Slack app, and Chrome Extension (with integrations to LinkedIn, Instagram, Gmail, and more). The company was built on the premise that everyone should have the ability to share intelligent, visually engaging content with others without the need for special tools or technical skills. The mission of the company is simple: to change the way people communicate in business using video. Dubb - Video Yourself.

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Client Success Stories


Ryan McDonald
I tried emailing and calling a prospect 6 times and got no response, then I sent a dubb video and got a response back in 2 minutes. Enough said.
Michael Roberts
When people watch a video of my screen right from the beginning, they can trust me - which helps me do my job much better. Thanks, Dubb.
Suzanne Waters
Dubb is a must-have for sales, support and marketing folks who want more personalized communication. It definitely helps get more ROI.
Adam Jacobson
I use Dubb pretty much every day. I can record and send a video in 2 minutes whereas sending an email takes me five times longer at the very least.

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