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Share Personalized Videos

Share your ideas with video

Record webcam or screen videos right from Chrome and share via Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter

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Create a personalized face-to-face experience by recording a video from your mobile device

Monitor activity and engagement

See the value of your efforts with real-time activity tracking within the Dubb platform or your CRM

Create real-life experiences with your network

What people are saying about Dubb

I use Dubb to share my design concepts and LOVE to get the positive responses back!

Melanie Staufer

If part of your job is to build relationships, Dubb is a no-brainer.

Dylan Adams

@dubbapp is a must have for sales, support and marketing. Check it out now.

Suzanne Waters

I tried emailing and calling a prospect 6 times and got no response, then I sent a dubb video and got a response back in 2 minutes. Enough said.

Ryan McDonald

When people watch a video of me right from the beginning, they can trust me - which helps me do my job.

Michael Roberts

I use Dubb pretty much every day. I can record and send a video in 2 minutes whereas sending an email takes me five times longer.

Adam Jacobson

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