Case Study

How WIPS increased engagement with prospects using Dubb



WIPS have revolutionized the recruitment process in the luxury hotel, restaurant, and property management industries. However, the company wanted a way to boost engagement and forge lasting relationships with their clients and candidates.

The Challenges


In an effort to build trust with prospects, WIPS used various Dubb integrations - like the Dubb Outlook Add-On, Dubb Chrome Extension, and LinkedIn Extension - to send personalized 1:1 video messages.

Additionally, the company took advantage of Dubb’s automation features such as scheduled email campaigns and email workflows. The WIPS team was sure to optimize all video pages using Dubb’s presets, calls-to-actions, playlists, editing, and branding capabilities.

The Solutions


As a result of using Dubb, Heidi and her team were able to drive higher email response rates, higher booking/show rates, and ultimately higher conversion rates.

Additionally, the company has realized a decrease in its overall sales cycle while maintaining additional competitive differentiation, decreased churn rates.

The Results

The Numbers

Get Dubb and get results


CTA Click Rate


Total Watch Rates


Total Videos Created


Email Click Rates

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Jane Doe,

Awesome Company

“Look what a prospect just wrote us: ‘Very interesting marketing technique, let’s move forward!’ -- This says it all!”