Case Study

By using Dubb, Valassis was able to obtain a 30% increase in response rates and a 20% decrease in its sales cycle.


Valassis, a media and marketing services company based in Michigan, develops sophisticated marketing technology for its clients. As it has relationships with more than 15,000 advertisers around the world, the company was looking for a better way to engage with its extensive client base.

Not only that, but the company was looking for more ways to battle through an extremely competitive space and win over new prospects. Increasing email engagement rates, increasing overall conversion rates, and further differentiating itself from competitors were notable goals of the company.

The Challenges


The Dubb platform armed Valassis with a whole host of tools to accomplish its sales and marketing goals. Some of the key features that Valassis leveraged on the platform include the following:

  • Dubb’s Video Email Features: Valassis and other Dubb users can send video emails with ease. From using the Dubb Chrome extension to easily record video content to sending that video through Gmail and Microsoft Outlook integrations, recording, editing, distribution, and tracking is a breeze.
  • LinkedIn Engagement: Through Dubb’s easy-to-use LinkedIn integration, Valassis could seamlessly engage with prospects, customers, and their audiences throughout the LinkedIn platform.
  • Email Campaigns: Dubb makes it extremely easy to send video email campaigns. From detailed analytics and tracking to complex automations, Valasissis could more easily send successful email campaigns.
  • Social Videos: Dubb offered Valasiss game-changing features like video landing pages, calls to action, and a playlist feature. Leveraging these features, Valassis could better engage with its viewers and generate more sales.
The Solutions


By leveraging all of these features, Valassis was able to achieve a whole host of tangible benefits. From higher email engagement, higher conversions, and higher response rates to a shorter sales cycle, more competitive differentiation, and higher meeting show rates, Valassis used Dubb to supercharge its growth. Having achieved a substantial transformation, Valassis can now better serve its clients and maximize its chances of obtaining new clients.

To learn more about how Dubb can help you achieve similar results, feel free to contact us.

The Results

The Numbers

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Jane Doe,

Awesome Company

Before I started using Dubb, I was competing in a sea of sameness when prospecting me clients. Even though our media solution is highly valuable, it was hard to drive new client engagement. Dubb completely changed that and gave a personal touch to our prospecting efforts.