O3 Home Solar
Case Study

O3 Home Solar worked with Dubb to obtain higher email engagement, better conversion rates, and more competitive differentiation.


O3 Home Solar is a solar energy company whose mission is to make solar affordable and bring residential solar systems to every home. The company has a lofty mission and provides a critical service to its customers, yet it is a business. It is constantly trying to find better ways to connect with its prospects and clients. Things like higher email engagement, higher conversion rates, and competitive differentiation were important goals for the company.

The Challenges


By working with Dubb, O3 Home Solar was able to supercharge its sales and marketing work. It leveraged plenty of the tools and features that make Dubb a game-changer for all types of businesses, including the following:

  • Video emails: Dubb video emails let companies like O3 Home Solar send high-quality video content directly to an audience’s inboxes. Whether the videos are one-to-one or one-to-many, these videos can help build strong relationships with any type of audience.
  • Video SMS messages: Using Dubb’s technology, O3 Home Solar and other Dubb users can easily send video SMS campaigns to any type of audience. Better yet, advanced analytics can track the performance of those campaigns.
  • LinkedIn support: Through Dubb’s LinkedIn integration, the entire team at O3 Home Solar could produce and distribute high-quality video content on LinkedIn.
  • Calls to action: On custom Dubb video pages, companies like O3 Home Solar can leverage all types of calls to action, ranging from direct calendar bookings to replying with video.
The Solutions


Capitalizing on these (and other) Dubb features, O3 Home Solar was able to obtain higher email engagement, booking rates, response rates, and conversion rates. It was ultimately able to better connect with clients and prospects and generate more sales.

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The Results

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Scott Sullivan

Dubb gives me the advantage I need, please don't tell everyone about Dubb! LOL.

Scott Sullivan,

O3 Home Solar

Scott Sullivan

Dubb gives me the advantage I need, please don't tell everyone about Dubb!