Kapnick Insurance Group
Case Study

By becoming a Dubb user, Kapnick Insurance Group was able to differentiate its message and increase sales in a highly competitive industry.


Kapnick Insurance Group is a premier insurance broker based in Michigan. Each team member is laser-focused on helping the firm’s clients mitigate risk. Being in a service-based business, Kapnick Insurance Group is always looking for new clients. At the same time, the firm was looking to differentiate itself from its competitors—especially during the global pandemic.

The Challenges


Considering these challenges, Kapnick Insurance Group decided to work with Dubb. The firm took advantage of many of Dubb’s solutions to achieve its sales and marketing goals, including the following:

  • LinkedIn engagement: Dubb and LinkedIn are tied at the hip. Users like Kapnick Insurance Group can use Dubb’s stellar LinkedIn integration to create and distribute video content on the world’s largest professional social network.
  • Video email: Using video email, Kapnick Insurance Group and other Dubb clients can send more effective email messages to prospects and clients. Through the power of video, they can build strong relationships—both now and for the future.
  • Video landing pages: Through the power of video landing pages, Kapnick Insurance Group could create a central hub for all of its video content. On that hub, viewers could do everything from engaging with calls to action to viewing consecutive videos through Dubb’s powerful playlist feature.
  • Mobile videos: The Dubb mobile app lets users like Kapnick Insurance Group record high-quality videos while they are away from the office. From selfie videos to video testimonials, users can get a lot done with the Dubb mobile app.
The Solutions


Taking advantage of the many features on Dubb’s platform, Kapnick Insurance Group was able to build stronger relationships with its audience members and generate more sales. Ultimately, their video content led to higher email engagement, higher response rates, and more competitive differentiation.

To learn more about how Dubb can help you accomplish your sales and marketing goals, click here. You can also contact us with any questions that you may have.

The Results

The Numbers

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Jane Doe,

Awesome Company

“ Dubb helped our emails stand out from the pack during the pandemic when everyone was being inundated with emails. It helped put a face to the name, when face to face meetings were not happening. We also began using this internally to cascade messages throughout the organization and help employees stay engaged while working remotely.”