Case Study

Heartrepreneur, a company that helps clients make money and a difference in their customers’ lives, used Dubb to increase open rates and generate more sales.



Heartrepreneur is a successful consulting company that helps its clients create transformational businesses. It does this by helping its clients create an impact and generate six-figure income at the same time. That being said, the company was searching for a better way to increase its open rate. With email marketing being an important way to grow the business, the Heartrepreneur team wanted a better way to engage with prospects and clients through email.

The Challenges


Dubb lets Heartrepreneur and other companies leverage the power of video in so many different ways—including email marketing. The company capitalized on many different features that are available in the Dubb ecosystem, including the following:

  • Video landing pages: Dubb video landing pages can be the central hub for any type of video content. Moreover, users like Heartrepreneur can leverage Dubb’s many calls to action and the playlist feature to accomplish their sales and marketing goals.
  • Dubb mobile app: The Dubb mobile app lets Heartrepreneur and other users record high-quality video content away from the office. Plenty of editing features make the Dubb mobile app an excellent option for creating content while you are on the go.
  • Plenty of integrations: Dubb offers plenty of integrations so that companies like Heartrepreneur can include video content in their daily work. From Outlook and Gmail to LinkedIn and Salesforce, these integrations make life dramatically easier.
  • Video emails: Dub makes it extremely easy to send video emails to any type of audience. Because of this, companies like Heartrepreneur can seamlessly create and distribute high-quality video content to any type of audience.
The Solutions


Ultimately, Heartrepreneur was able to increase its email open rates, booking rates, and response rates. Not only that, but the company was better able to differentiate itself from its competitors. Through it all, Heartrepreneur was better able to provide more value to its clients and grow its business.

If you’d like to learn more about how Dubb can help you reach your sales and marketing goals, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Results

The Numbers

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Terri Levine

We have engaged more prospects and closed more sales without me having to get on the phone.

Terri Levine,

Heartrepreneur LLC

Terri Levine

We have engaged more prospects and closed more sales without me having to get on the phone.