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Through the power of Dubb, Beer Home Group was able to obtain higher engagement rates and close more deals.



Beer Home Group is known as one of the top real estate firms in the country. In 2019, Dan Beer and his colleagues produced 268 homes sold and nearly $211 million in sales. All of that said, Beer Home Group wanted to create even stronger relationships with its prospects and clients. This is especially true in the era of Covid-19, where social distancing and quarantining ruled the day. Whether the communications were over email, text message, or something else, the Beer Home Group team wanted to strengthen its already-existing relationships and nurture new relationships with prospects.

The Challenges


By leveraging many of the tools and features on the Dubb platform, Beer Home Group was able to ingratiate video within its entire process. Through the power of video, the company could stay in touch with its audience and continue to provide immense value. Some of the key features on the Dubb platform include:

  • Video emails: Video emails let Beer Home Group and other Dubb clients connect with their audiences directly in their inboxes. Whether it is a quick one-to-one video or a video meant for a larger audience, video emails can help build relationships and increase conversion rates.
  • Dubb’s Chrome extension: With the Dubb Chrome extension, companies like Beer Home Group can easily create internal and external video content. From internal training videos to daily video content for your audiences, the Dubb Chrome extension helps you get the job done.
  • Plenty of integrations: Users can rely on the power of Dubb in many of their favorite tools and platforms. From Gmail and LinkedIn to Outlook and Salesforce, users can get more done with Dubb integrations.
  • More effective lead generation: The availability of complex automation sequences and Dubb’s CRM makes it much easier for companies like Beer Home Group to find new leads.
The Solutions


By becoming a Dubb user, Beer Home Group was able to accomplish many of its sales and marketing goals—and then some. From building closer relationships with their current customers to finding plenty of new prospects, Dubb helped Beer Home Group grow its business. The company was able to increase trust, create improved training processes, and increase its close rate.

If you would like to follow in Beer Home Group’s footsteps and use Dubb to accomplish your sales and marketing goals, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so by clicking here.

The Results

The Numbers

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We have increased our sales volume by $90M this year and our alliance with Dubb has been an integral part of this success story. I