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Custom Domain


Billed annually $960/yr

  • Full domain customization
  • Configurable CNAME
  • e.g.



Billed annually $384/yr

  • Automated Workflows
  • Email/SMS Campaigns
  • 3rd Party Integrations


What Dubb can do for you

Screen Recording

Create, share, host and track media-rich recordings from your screen using the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Webcam Recording

Quickly record videos from your webcam to create real-life experiences to streamline communication, build trust, and create lasting relationships.

Mobile Recording

Easily record videos from your mobile device to capture your on-the-go stories that share your world to entertain, educate and convert your prospects.

Video Hosting

Leverage Dubb's highly customizable video hosting and embedding options to create a hyper personalized, conversion-focused and distraction-free viewing experience.

Data Tracking

Get advanced data tracking such as email open/click rates, page views, video watch rates and call-to-action engagement rates -- all in real-time.


Expand your existing stack with direct integrations to Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier, and dozens of CRM and email systems.

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Dubb is a video communication platform that helps people build relationships by sharing trackable camera and screen videos.
People in various sales, marketing, support and other professional roles use Dubb to streamline communication and increase revenue.
Dubb takes a few minutes to set up an account including the Dubb website, Chrome Extension, mobile app and various extensions depending on your needs.
With Dubb, you share personalized videos of greetings, presentation walkthroughs, screencasts, sales pitches which help increase reply, engagement and sales conversion rates.
Definitely Yes, Dubb offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required to test the platform. We encourage users to properly set up an account to see the value it can have for your business.

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