Testimonial Hero offers a great service for companies looking to strengthen their social proof with high-production client testimonials. It is, however, not for everyone. Because of its high-production, full-service nature, it’s primarily a better fit for bigger companies. What about smaller businesses with relatively smaller budgets? How can we gather video testimonials that are simple yet just as effective? What’s the best way to build social proof without breaking the bank?

In this article, we are going to compare Testimonial Hero with the video hosting platform, Dubb, and how it can replace the services offered by Testimonial Hero. While Dubb is most commonly used by industry leaders for prospecting, sales, and client communication, its robust suite of features also allows users to collect video testimonials from clients in just a few clicks.

Testimonial Hero vs. Dubb: What’s the Difference?

Testimonial Hero is a done-for-you service that specializes in collecting high-end video testimonials for businesses. How it works is Testimonial Hero sends a production team to show up at your client’s place of business to film a testimonial. They then edit these videos based on your use case, delivering a final product ready to be published on your site. As we’ve already established, due to its full-service nature, higher cost, and the need for client cooperation, Testimonial Hero is likely most ideal for larger companies.

Meet the Ultimate Testimonial Solution for Small Businesses, Coaches, and Professionals

Dubb, on the other hand, offers a more affordable and user-friendly alternative for businesses that have smaller budgets or require a larger number of testimonials. Dubb allows people with smaller businesses such as coaches, consultants, and real estate agents to remotely capture testimonials through a customizable video landing page. Having to send a producer and videographer to somebody’s house would call for a large budget, but Dubb offers a lower-cost alternative that can serve as your primary testimonial collection tool. Using Dubb would cost a fraction of what it would cost to run an in-person production event, and you’ll likely be able to produce far more videos that can power up your social channels with solid social proof.

While there’s most definitely a time and place for fully produced video testimonials, you can still take advantage of the power of video testimonials as a smaller business even without a massive budget.

Self-Capturing Testimonials with Dubb and Testimonial Hero

We’ve talked about Testimonial Hero’s in-person done-for-you testimonial service, but now let’s focus on another way to collect testimonials.

Testimonial Hero offers another service that allows your clients to self-capture video testimonials using their own equipment and at their own time, which are then passed on to Testimonial Hero for editing and refining. Because it’s still a service being offered by Testimonial Hero, testimonial self-captures are still a high-ticket item.

In contrast, Dubb’s self-capture offering is more self-service and is more budget-friendly than that of Testimonial Hero. Dubb makes it easy for you to collect customer testimonial videos by using a fully customizable video capture landing page. From calls to action to video playlists, you can alter every element on a Dubb landing page to elicit the perfect testimonial remotely from your clients.

Here’s how it works. First, you’re going to record a video yourself, essentially an ask, where you can instruct the person on the other side and tell them what you want them to say in their video. So, with Dubb, you have the opportunity to explain everything you would like them to share, completely asynchronous. Optionally, you can have a set of videos play right after your testimonial ask. For instance, you can have a pre-existing video testimonial as the second video in your playlist to serve as an example for your clients to follow.

Aside from an actual video example, you may also add text prompts they can read from right below your video. You can be quite specific with these prompts so they can give you the answers you’re after. To submit testimonials, all they have to do is click on a call to action (CTA) button. You can customize your CTA into a video reply button — when your contact clicks on this, they’ll be able to record a video straight from their webcam (or smartphone camera, depending on where they’re visiting your landing page from), without needing to sign up, install, or download anything. In case they already have a pre-recorded testimonial video ready, they can upload it from within the same window.

Clicking on a Dubb video reply button to submit a testimonial video

Additionally, should your clients choose to create a fresh testimonial video, they can access beneficial recording features such as background blur, virtual background, and video mirroring.

So, to recap, self-capture with Dubb is 100% self-service. No need for a videographer or expensive recording equipment. All you need to do is share the link to your video page, whether through email, SMS, social media, or any other channel you use to communicate with your clients. It’s worth noting that Dubb offers the ability to send your video landing page automatically in bulk or 1-to-1. More importantly, your contacts can submit their testimonial whenever it’s convenient for them.

We’ve designed the Dubb platform to provide all of the necessary assets to help you collect the highest quality testimonials possible.

Now that you have your video testimonials, what do you do with them?

You share them out into the world, of course!

Sharing Video Testimonials with Dubb and Testimonial Hero

This is where the similarities between Dubb and Testimonial Hero end.

With Testimonial Hero, once they’ve captured and edited your video testimonials, that’s essentially it. You download the file from their system and do whatever you need to with it.

But with Dubb, capturing a video testimonial is only the beginning. Using Dubb, after you’ve captured and collected your testimonials from satisfied customers, you’ll have a plethora of sharing and tracking options.

How? Well, apart from being a comprehensive video hosting solution, Dubb is also a full-functioning CRM.

Some of the ways you can distribute your Dubb videos include email, text messaging, social media, and even websites. Let’s go through each one.

How to Share and Send Video Testimonials through Dubb

Sending a Dubb video through email is as easy as clicking a button. To illustrate, here’s me inserting one into an Outlook email.

Inserting a video testimonial into an Outlook email using Dubb

Pretty nifty, right?

As long as you have the Dubb Chrome Extension installed, you can access the Dubb integration for Outlook. The same goes for virtually every other email client: Gmail, Mailchimp, and so much more.

To send via text message, just copy and paste the link of your Dubb video! If you’re on iOS, you can use Dubb’s iMessage extension for easier and faster sending. All you have to do is install the Dubb mobile app (available on iOS and Android), and you can start sending Dubb videos using the iMessage extension.

Sending a video testimonial using the Dubb iMessage Extension

For social media sharing, simply copy and paste the video link into the channel of your choice.

Lastly, you also have the option to embed Dubb videos into your websites or landing pages. There are at least three different methods for embedding testimonials; this could be in the form of a standard embedded video displayed within the body of a webpage, a widget-style video that stays in the corner of the page and that follows visitors along as they’re scrolling, and lastly, something we like to call a showcase page.

Showcase pages are entire pages dedicated to — you guessed it — showcasing a bunch of your videos. It lets you display a whole number of testimonial videos (or other types of videos, for that matter) at once.

Scrolling through a Dubb Showcase page displaying several testimonial videos, demo videos, and more

Here’s a bonus: say you want to share a video testimonial through physical mailers — each Dubb video you upload to the platform gets its own automatically generated QR code. You can print these so that when someone scans them, they are taken directly to your Dubb video landing page where they can immediately watch your testimonials.

Dubb: An Affordable Testimonial Hero Alternative with Built-In Marketing Automation and Advanced Tracking Features

Further fulfilling its role as a full-functioning CRM, Dubb also lets you share videos in bulk, meaning you can send one testimonial video to a list of people. Already using a different marketing tool? No worries. We have integrations with just about any marketing automation software you could think of.

Sample of a workflow automation on the Dubb platform

Either way, you will be able to track the results of your videos. When we say results, we’re talking about real-time, granular activity reporting. You can see who among your contacts has watched your video testimonials, how much of the videos they actually watched, where they’re watching from, whether they clicked on any of your CTAs, and practically every other bit of engagement your videos could receive. Armed with this invaluable information, you can effectively measure the impact your testimonial videos have on your business.

Tracking data for a Dubb video

This is where Dubb stands out. If you were to simply share testimonials through YouTube or Google Drive links, you’d be missing out on these important types of data that can help you see what’s working and what’s not, which can then ultimately guide you in refining your strategy.

Dubb + Testimonial Hero = The Perfect Combination

With all that said, if you’re able to spend more money on video testimonials, why not put Dubb and Testimonial Hero together to achieve maximum results? Because while Dubb can definitely be a replacement for Testimonial Hero, it’s also a perfect complement to what Testimonial Hero provides.

If you’re spending a huge chunk of your budget on producing high-end testimonials, you will want to know who’s watching them, won’t you? So consider taking your testimonial videos from Testimonial Hero and uploading them to Dubb! Embed them on your website, display them all on a showcase page, and send them to multiple contacts at once using automation.

Building Social Proof with Video Testimonials

So, if you’re a small business, coach, or consultant looking to collect testimonial videos but don’t have the budget for high-end in-person video production, Dubb is the perfect solution. On the other hand, if you do have videos with high production value from Testimonial Hero, distributing them through Dubb is a fantastic finishing touch. Best of all, you’ll be able to observe how they perform among your audience no matter which channel you share them through. Either way, Dubb is a perfect fit and will help give your business a significant boost.

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Now, get going and capture those all-important video testimonials!

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