In this recap from a recent Dubb Support video, Rob and I discussed how to send a video through Gmail. This is a fantastic skill that can help you reach out to any type of prospect. Whether you are just starting your sales career or are looking for another way to connect with your prospects or customers, you will get a ton of value from this post. If you would like to view the entire video, feel free to click on the video above. Enjoy!

Gmail is one of those tools that nearly all of us use. It is a fantastic way to manage our inboxes and communicate with our prospects, clients, and colleagues. Even if you aren’t using Gmail in your professional life, you are probably using it in your personal life. 

Simply put, Gmail is a juggernaut. At the same time, most of us just think about using Gmail to send text-based messages to our recipients. It’s natural because most of our emails are simply text-based. With that said, there is another way that you can communicate with your audience. 

The great news is that you can send a video through Gmail. If you haven’t heard about this feature in Gmail, don’t worry. And if you have, but are still struggling to send a video through Gmail? You are in the right place. 

In this post, I am going to discuss everything you need to know to send a video through Gmail. At the end of this post, you will be able to confidently send a video through Gmail and get much closer to your sales goals. Whether you are a sales leader in your organization or just joined a new company as a sales professional, you can use these tips and tricks to get the most out of Gmail. 

Let’s jump into it. 

Why You Would Want to Send a Video Through Gmail

Before getting into the how, it is important to spend some time on the why. There are plenty of ways that you can communicate with your prospects. You can choose to do so through a standard, text-based email, an SMS message, or something else. By clicking on this article, however, it’s likely that you want to send a video through Gmail for a number of reasons. Let’s get into some of those reasons. 

For instance, you may want to make your communications more visual. Video is obviously a great way to do this. Through the power of video, you can tell compelling stories that your viewers will love. It is a much more engaging way of communicating a message compared to sending off a quick email or text message. Ultimately, adding a visual component to your outreach is an extremely effective way of communicating with virtually anyone. This is because visuals use every part of our brains. In fact, there are many interesting statistics validating this fact. One of my favorites is that our brains process visuals a whopping 60,000 times faster than other forms of communication. Along with this, over 90% of what we process is visual in nature.

Beyond that, you may be looking to use video as a way to build more trust with your prospects and clients. Video is a great way to do this because your audience member is actually looking at you as you deliver your message. Instead of hiding behind your keyboard, you (and perhaps some of our colleagues) are speaking directly to the camera. While it may initially be intimidating to this, it is a fantastic way to truly connect with your viewers. That connection builds trust and that trust can go a long way in helping you accomplish your sales goals. 

Video Builds Trust

Finally, you may be thinking of sending a video through Gmail in order to drive more conversions. Here, you would be absolutely right. This discussion of how to send a video through Gmail is all about helping you generate more sales. The great news is that you can achieve those goals by sending videos through Gmail. By adding value and building trust through video, you can get more conversions and reach your sales goals. 

Whatever your use case is, sending a video through Gmail is the right thing to do. I believe that it is a better way of communicating versus reaching out to your audience through some sort of text-based communication. Why is this? 

For starters, we are all used to seeing text. We’d estimate that around 95% of sales professionals are not using video to communicate in the sales cycle. For those 95% of salespeople using text, the issue is that it is all too easy to hide behind the text. While it may be a faster way of reaching out to prospects and clients, it makes it much more difficult to actually get to know those prospects and clients. By contrast, when you are using video, you are out front. Your audience can see and hear you, which helps you build an actual connection with those audience members. 

You can send a wonderfully funny and well-written email to a specific prospect. However, if it is really long, it may not make that connection that you seek. After all, how many of us have time to read an extremely lengthy sales email? Moreover, it takes time to actually develop and draft that email. By contrast, if you are creating a video, you are putting the odds on your side and saving time. 

So what does this all mean? Sending videos through Gmail helps you avoid the shortfalls of text and lets you capitalize on the visuals of video. Whether you are trying to open a relationship with a prospect or make a sale, you can get the job done by sending video content through Gmail.  

Different Types of Videos That You Can Record 

At this point, you can see why you would want to send a video from Gmail. That naturally leads to the question of what type of video you can record for your Gmail message. Ultimately, you can consider many different things. We’re just going to discuss a few of those ideas here.

For starters, you can record a video of your screen. Screen recording videos are extremely powerful. They can be used in so many different ways. One great example is if you are recording a tutorial video or product demo for a specific viewer. The beauty of screen recordings is that you can show off your screen, your face, or a combination of both. Instead of explaining how to do something by solely using words, you can literally show them how to do that thing. This is really powerful and can both save you time and make your outreach more effective. 

Beyond screen recording videos, you can record a video from your phone. This can really be anything that you want. For instance, you may want to create a hype video for a new product or service that your company is releasing. You can increase the sizzle factor by creating a quick video from your phone and sending it to any type of audience. You can also use your phone to create a quick check-in video for a key prospect or customer. Whether you are on your way to the office or taking a walk through a nearby park, you can pull out your phone and start recording. 

From there, you can also record a video from your webcam. This is a helpful alternative if you want to record high-quality video from your office. You can use the built-in camera on your laptop or desktop or choose to invest in an external webcam. Whichever option you choose, you can use your webcam to record valuable video content about virtually anything. 

Finally, you can upload a video that you have already produced. This can be a more polished video that you have already recorded and edited. Once you have finished the production process, you can share it with any type of audience, whether it is a customer, prospect, or member of your team. By uploading this video to a platform like Dubb, you make it extremely easy for that audience member to watch your video through Gmail. 

These are just some of the many formats of videos that you can send through Gmail. Whichever you choose, you are starting from a great place. 

Effective Gmail Videos For Sales

With this basic understanding in mind, let’s dig deeper and talk about some of the specific types of sales videos that you can send through Gmail. Really, you are going to want to consider these videos along with the formats discussed above. For instance, if you are creating a tutorial video, you will probably want to make a screen recording over another type of video. While there are no hard and fast rules here, I’d recommend that you do what makes sense for you, your colleagues, and your organization. 

First, you can create sales presentation videos. If you want to send videos through Gmail, you are probably going to want to send these types of videos. To be clear, when I say “sales presentation videos,” I don’t mean that you have to create something formal. In fact, taking out your phone and recording a simple sales presentation video is probably more effective than making a much more formal video. A sales presentation video sent through Gmail can be a fantastic way to educate your prospects, show the value of your product or service, and generate more sales. 

From there, you can create tutorial or training videos. These tutorial videos can be beneficial for prospects, customers, and even your employees. If you sell a digital product or service, training videos are fantastic ways to educate your audience. Moreover, they help you save time. Instead of repeatedly training someone on how to do something, you can simply send them an already-made video through Gmail. 

You can also create product walkthroughs and demos. These are the types of videos that I was referring to when discussing screen recordings. Product walkthroughs are especially helpful so that your users can get the most out of your product. Whether they are using your product for the first time or have been using it for years, you can make a helpful product demo video and send it through Gmail. 

Finally, let’s talk about internal communication videos. These can be things like team videos and onboarding videos. When you are thinking about how to send a video through Gmail, you probably aren’t thinking of sending these types of videos. Having said that, these types of internal communication videos can be massively beneficial. They can keep you and your colleagues on the same page and save you time and energy. Instead of needing to type out a lengthy email, you can record a quick video and send it through Gmail. How easy is that? 

These are just a few ideas. In reality, the sky’s the limit when you are recording videos via Gmail. When you are in the thick of the process, make sure that you are having fun. And remember: everything can be visually communicated, so why not send a video through Gmail? You will thank yourself later. 

Addressing Some Objections

I also want to spend a few moments talking about some objections that you may have about sending a video through Gmail. After all, while you may already have some ideas about how you are going to send your video through Gmail, there may be some unanswered questions that you may still have. These questions probably center on specific ways that you can send your video through Gmail.

At Dubb, we believe that we have a great solution for doing so. However, if you are coming across Dubb or this topic for the first time, you may be considering options that you may think are quick and easy. Unfortunately, there are some flaws to some of these methods of sending videos through email. Don’t worry: this will make more sense as we discuss it. 

Attaching Videos to an Email

For starters, there is this idea that you may be able to simply attach your video to a Gmail message and send that email to your target audience. At Dubb, we do not recommend this tactic. The reason why you don’t want to attach your video to an email is that it will probably get blocked. Your email provider and/or your target’s email provider may block the email, meaning that you may need to take some extra steps to actually have your target see your video. Even worse, you may not recognize that your video wasn’t sent. We all get busy during our days and it is all too easy to ignore a bounceback email. When that happens, you may be missing the chance to earn thousands of dollars in business (or even more). 

Not only that, but attaching a video can be a subpar experience for your recipient. Upon receiving your email, they will need to open an attachment and perhaps download it to their computer. From there, they will need to open it in a video player. Ultimately, this makes it much more likely for your recipient to opt not to work with you. By making your audience jump through all of these hoops, it makes it much more likely that they will simply churn away and not watch your video. 

Finally, when you attach videos to your emails, they aren’t actionable. There isn’t much that the viewer can do other than watch the video. On the other hand, the whole point of tools like Dubb is that they can help your viewers take action once they have watched your videos. As I will describe below, they can hit your call to action buttons and get much closer to purchasing your product or service. If you are simply attaching a video to an email, you forego these features and make it harder for you to win the conversion. 

Uploading a Video to YouTube

To avoid this problem of attaching your video to an email, you may also wonder whether you can simply send a YouTube link in the body of your email. Even though Rob and I are huge fans of YouTube, YouTube videos aren’t as actionable as they could be. 

When you post a video to YouTube, you don’t get those calls to action and other features that make it much easier for your viewers to make a purchase. Granted, you get to leverage the vast scale of YouTube and the fact that the platform has billions of visits per year. However, as I’ll describe below, YouTube wasn’t specifically built to help you and your company generate sales. Without having the ability to include call to action buttons below your videos, it becomes much harder to lead your audience down your sales funnels and, consequently, generate more sales. 

Moreover, while recommended videos are awesome in our personal lives, they make it much more difficult for your video to stand out. In all likelihood, your viewer will click on one of those recommended videos and forget about your initial video. It is what we call sidelining and something that can put a tall barrier between you and your prospects. That bright shiny object of the recommended video is interfering with your audience’s focus on your video. Essentially, you are competing against an extremely advanced algorithm that has a good idea of what your audience wants to watch next. In that sort of environment, it is tough to keep your viewers focused on you, your product or service, and your message. 

From there, YouTube videos make it much harder for you to leverage your branding. Unless you really take the time to trick out your YouTube channel and YouTube videos themselves, you are in for an uphill climb. Your video will just be one video that someone has seen. That viewer won’t have the ability to act further and will simply move on.  

Finally, YouTube videos won’t drive conversions. It all comes back to creating content that is actionable. The relevant question here is, “I just watched a video. What do I do now?” If you are posting your video on YouTube, the answer to that question is going to be difficult. If, however, you use a tool like Dubb, you can more easily get that viewer or prospect across the sales finish line. Dubb was made to help you earn conversions while YouTube wasn’t. 

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Send a Video Through Gmail

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of how to send a video through Gmail. 

At Dubb, we have built an entire platform so that you can record a video and send it via email. Our platform does more than that, however. Through Dubb, you can broadcast email campaigns, SMS messages, create automatic workflows, build instant video landing pages with specific calls to action, and more. 

The video landing pages are especially powerful. When I say “instant,” I mean instant. Once you have uploaded any type of video to the Dubb platform, you will automatically get a video landing page for that video. You can further customize that video landing page and include a number of different calls to action, including scheduling a call directly on your calendar, communicating over Facebook Messenger, and more. Whatever you envision, you can get the job done with a Dubb video landing page. 

Dubb CTA

So how can you proceed from here? 

First, you will need to execute some preparatory steps. First, I recommend that you go ahead and get a free account at Dubb. You can do so by clicking here. Once you have done that, go ahead and also grab the Dubb Chrome extension. The Dubb Chrome extension is a really useful tool to create your video content (like screen recording videos) and easily upload those videos to your Dubb account. You can find the Dubb Chrome extension by clicking here. If you like desktop apps, I also recommend that you download the Dubb desktop app. It works on PC or Mac devices, so we have you covered. Finally, we all love mobile apps, so go ahead and download the Dubb mobile app. You can find it for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app is a ton of fun, as it lets you shoot in clips, add music, add voiceovers, and so much more. 

Once you have installed the Dubb Chrome extension, log in to your Dubb account. If you are on a tight budget, you can use a free account on Dubb. To learn more about pricing for all different types of accounts on Dubb, click here. If you want to take advantage of some of the more advanced functions (like presets, calls to action, campaigns, automations, and more), you will need to get a paid account. 

Now, after logging in, you will notice something directly within your Gmail interface. You will see a Dubb icon (go ahead and click on it). When you click on that icon, you will see your library of videos. Here is the great part: if you select any of those videos, Dubb will automatically insert an animated GIF and trackable link into the body of your Gmail message. This means that when you send the video to the end user, that user will see the first three seconds of the video that you created. This animated GIF will incite some curiosity and make it much more likely that they will click on the link and watch your entire video. 

If you haven’t yet created the video that you want to send through Gmail, no worries. You can do so on your device or on your smartphone. No matter the type of video that you are creating, make sure that you are leading with value. Once you are finished recording your video and upload that video to Dubb, Dubb’s software will automatically create a video landing page for you. Your video will also be inserted into your Gmail message and you will get that three second animated GIF for your recipient to click on. 

Once the end viewer views your landing page and watches your video, you can get access to real-time activity reporting. This activity reporting lets you see if that specific viewer has watched some or all of your video. You can also see if that viewer clicked on any of your call to action buttons or left an emoji reaction. 

This data is extremely powerful. Ultimately, when you have videos that are actionable and trackable, you don’t need to cold call. Instead, you can smart call. You can use the data that you received from that video to better communicate with the prospect. For instance, if you see that a specific prospect watched several of your sales videos in their entirety, you can probably move forward and see if they want to purchase your product or service. On the other hand, if you see that a prospect dropped off at certain points of a particular video, you may need to investigate further. In the end, with this type of data, you can be in a much better position to build the prospect relationship and make a sale. 

Go Forth and Send Your Videos Through Gmail

My objective with this post has been to explore this question of how to send a video through Gmail. Considering the above, I hope that you now have the confidence to get started today. 

Sending a video through Gmail can be an extremely effective way of accomplishing your sales goals. You can use it to build relationships with your current prospects, engage with existing customers, and even communicate with some of your in-person or remote employees. Whether you are sending videos through Gmail for the first time or are looking for a better way to do so, you can use the tips and tricks above to get the job done. I’m excited to see what you create!

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