How to Use Get Over Videophobia and Use Dubb for Recruiting

Watch this recorded video consultation call hosted by Dubb to explore the following items:

– Dubb Video Ideas

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– Driving Sales

– Relationship Building

– Linkedin

– Dubb Chrome Extension

– Screen Videos

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– Sales Prospects

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Transcription from Video (transcription automatically generated with Amazon Transcribe)

Speaker 0:
Okay, I’m here with Esther and Esther. That’s really, really important. Topics that I wanted to get into the 1st 1 is, is something that we all deal with, which is video phobia or being shined. Camera. This This is something that I’ve done and I’ve experienced, not gone through a number of times in my life, for sure. I think it’s a reality that when that camera turns on, when we click that red record button that we climb up a little bit and we feel a defense mechanism, we feel shy. We don’t want to necessarily first souls out there because of the fear of the unknown having digital version of ourselves out there and easier. Sometimes that gives us a little bit of pause and potentially some anxiety. So that’s one of the topics that I wanted to kind of bring up. And I think the other thing that Esther Esther I really would like to deliver is this idea of using video specifically for recruiting. So recruiting is a great use case for doubt, you know, specifically for driving sales, getting those decision makers, but then also placing because, you know, at the end of the day. It’s not just about sales about servicing, and, you know, getting your candidate’s placed in the right places and then having them stick around on, then having them be happy, get referrals. Making clients happy is a process.
Speaker 0:
A lot of this is centered around relationship building a lot of this center around, making connections, following up with people. So you know, we have invested a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of research. It’s figuring out ways to do all those specific things. Soto leverage video to connect with people, whether it’s using the, uh linked in immigration to send a video message or using the Dubb chrome extension to send a screen capture, you know, off screen video of a resume. It goes a long way. When was the last time you saw a recruiter send a screen video of candidates resume? You know what was the last time you saw a recruiter used a screen video of a company and their careers page. You know, what was the last time he saw someone look at a screen video off the decision makers linked in page of that type of personalized content that type of information that really is connecting with the person and showing them that you have empathy, compassion that you really care about their business, not your business with their business. You know, those are the things that are really gonna, in my opinion, differentiate you from the crowd.
Speaker 0:
I helped build those relationships that turn into revenue for yourself, but more importantly, a mutually beneficial value for the long term. So, Esther, I hope that that was a decent introduction. You know, if there’s any questions that you have in particular, now’s a good time to ask me otherwise. I’m just gonna kind of go through the devil here
Speaker 1:
awhile. I’m excited Thio to jump into the demo.
Speaker 0:
Okay, great. That’s off.
Speaker 0:
Let’s just joking with. So I’m just gonna present a couple of different use cases. Okay, So one of the things that I mentioned Waas
Speaker 0:
putting other people’s content in sales materials, and this is something that I personally see to two little off. Okay. When people think of sales, they think of a pipeline. I got my goals. I want to accomplish this.
Speaker 0:
Not a lot of people do this, but most of us do this. I’ve definitely done this a lot in my life where it’s about me, me, me, me, me. And unfortunately, you know, I mean, you need doesn’t really convert. It doesn’t really sell because people want to feel like we’re being apathetic. And if you understand their needs, so let’s make this a little bit more tangible. That’s that’s very kind of abstract when I referred to specifically is this idea of doing a screen video of a person’s information on Mission Street?
Speaker 0:
So what I’m sharing is the is the Dubb, which exists right here. Hey, this is a free chrome extensions. Goto dot dot CEO for his last chrome or just Google Doug Crowell extension and then that’s going issue. This integration into chrome is your browser. When you click on this, what is gonna allow you to do is record your screen. Okay, I’ve got some test videos in here. We’re always testing our technology,
Speaker 0:
but Wes recorded the screen video kind like this one. It allows me to show information about the other person’s stuff, not about my stuff. So in this case it was I was doing an example of a conference where someone was looking for a conference space and I said, There’s an opportunity here in their space. You know? Another example is off like a mention of a late Dan page. So if you go to someone’s profile may be opposed. You know, that’s really interesting. Let’s say that someone a CEO of a company CEO, you know, they just posted a little social thing that said, Hey, you know, we’re looking to hire this position. We’re looking for beauty of engineer or a VP of marketing. You do a screen video and show