This blog post introduces a Loom alternative, Dubb. See how Dubb provides all of the same features, and more so. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

Below is a transcript from the video:

Hey, everyone, welcome back to dub support in this video
we’re going to be talking about loom alternative dub. And
when I say alternative, I actually really need more of an upgrade and
now that’s a really big bold claim. But I definitely have some evidence to
back it up. So let me go ahead and actually jump right into that now. The first reason why
I say dub is an upgrade to loom is the track. The
fact is that looms does not provide really great tracking dub is going
to show you specifically what percentage of your video that was watched who watched it.
If they click any links. If they click the call to actions, which CTAs they clicked all of that it’s
going to provide really detailed. Analytics and Loom will not loom
will tell you if the link. The video the link to your video is clicked or
if it wasn’t and that’s about it you’re not going to able to see what percentage of that
video they watched or if they clicked any calls to action or anything like that. So
for that reason above all else, I would say dub is definitely
an upgrade over loom just with the tracking alone. Okay, so let’s
actually go ahead and compare some of these things that are comparable and it’s a lot
of it. They both have Chrome extensions, they both have desktop recorders. They both have Gmail
add ons and they work really similarly we’re actually using the dub desktop app to record. This
video let’s go ahead and take a look. So this is what the Chrome
extensions and the Gmail addon look like if I insert a video here with
loom that’s what it looks like as I mentioned dubs just takes it a little bit further. So
if I want to insert a video from Deb here, I can add their first name to
it and things like that and you can see the difference. We have a time stamp. Some things
like that. I can delete or modify any of that text? But you can see there. The difference
there’s also virtual backgrounds that’s unique to dub as well. So that’s the way the Gmail addons
work works just a little bit more personalization. Things like that with
Dubs. And there also is the Chrome extension, which I can click there to kind of turn it on
record, the screen web. Cam cam. Only tons of similarity
there. Screen camera came only almost identical.
The only difference is, like I said, dub shows you actually your reporting and who’s watching and
who’s clicking where a loom will not be able to show you that it’s only going to show you
if someone watched a video it doesn’t say what percentage of the video
that was watched or anything like that. So, like I said, those are the main differences. The other
thing is Dubb also has a really great mobile app that allows for
slicing multiple clips, text overlays. Things like that loom does not
offer a mobile app. So big difference there as well, and then the next thing really
is the customization. So loom does not offer really any customization.
What you can do is you can trim the video and then you can add a very basic CTA
which is just a little button that goes at the end of the video and that’s really it in
terms of customization can’t upload your own logo. We can’t customize
the video pages. I really can’t do anything. Besides, I can add a little link based
button at the end of the video that’s really it and we can remove
the loom logo on the video page on a paid account. We can
also change the custom thumbnail so the thumbnail can be something different than the video itself.
And now when we compare this to dub there’s just so much more customization available
and not just frivolous kind of useless customization. But really important stuff
things like your call to action. So you saw instead of just having one basic link CTA with
Deb you can have as many CTAs as you need. They can be things like direct calendar
integration video testimonial collection. You can fill out forms. You can
capture leads we can have them, of course, go to a link, but we
can also have them make a phone call or a text message or download an attachment
literally anything you can think of you want someone to do in the digital space. We can
program these call to actions to do so as well as customizing. The rest of
the video page like the video player. You can put your logo there. We can have playlists.
We can have so many other features on these video pages, uploading
your own logo customizing the background. So all these things are included
with Dubs plan and not with us. So as I mentioned in the
beginning, this is why I considered of an upgrade to loom it’s going to have all the
same basic tools like the Chrome extension the add on. But it also has
the advanced versions of those and the mobile app and the more advanced features and things like that.
Finally, when we compared the platforms themselves let’s just take
a quick look at the pricing because after all that is what, um, is known for
is just being really cheap, really inexpensive. And the thing with them is actually just as
inexpensive, almost the same price. So they both have zero
dollar plans. They both have entry plans. They both have three trials into their paid plans and
then looms Pro is four dollars per month. But as I mentioned, this doesn’t include
any of the customization of this video pages. You can’t track it. You can’t see who’s
watching it. And we don’t have any of the customization of the CTAs. Like,
I described video testimonials calendar integration that’s where the
juice is really at and that is included with Dubs, even their cheapest
plan to support plow support Pro. Sorry, which is 10 dollars per month or
eight dollars per month. It paid for the year in advance. So really it’s very
comparable four bucks, 8 bucks and you’re getting all that
additional features the ability to the mobile app. And then the CTAs
custom backgrounds, landing pages, just so much more customization
and options available that you actually need to succeed with video. And as I mentioned
in the very beginning the video, the most important thing is the tracking. If you’ve
ever used video for sales you’ll absolutely know that you it’s really crucial to
know if the difference between if they watched all of your video. If they watch that video
throughout the whole thing three times or if they clicked on the link and didn’t watch the
video at all three times there’s a huge difference there. And that’s the difference
between room and do.

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