Afternoon. Great. All right, well, we are going to jump right in, guys.

It will be a little bit of repeat from last time in the sense of the actual strategy and what we’re doing. The audience is just different this time. So last time we covered expireds, right, how to reach out to expireds in a unique way that other Realtors aren’t doing in order to convert them.

And today’s is about For Sale by owners. So we’re going to be covering some strategies for reaching out to for sale by owners in again the best way possible so that we’re going to be standing apart from competition. Because these guys are also hounded, right? As soon as their listing goes up, they’re going to get a lot of Realtors calling and reaching out to them, trying to get them to list with them.

And so we want to differentiate from the competition that’s out there first up, before I even jump into the slides. This is about education, right? Because most For Sale by owners are not agents. They don’t know the market, they don’t necessarily know what they’re doing.

So it’s an opportunity for you guys to come in as the educator, as the consultant. This does require some sort of scripts. We’re going to talk about being able to sort of overcome objections and convince this for Sale by owner that they’re better off listing.

So there’s going to be some scripts we’ll cover again. And it just comes down to the stats. You guys probably already know.

Just look at the sales of for sale by owners compared to those with agents and it’s always lower. The average is like 3% or more difference, which would cover the commission and then some. So that’s the main thing here, guys, is having the wherewithal the scripts to sort of convince and overcome fizbos but also being different, standing apart.

Because when you can differentiate from the dozen other realtors or more that are going to be contacting them, that’s going to set you above the rest. So that’s what this presentation is going to be about, guys. Ena, go ahead and share the slides and then you can skip the first one and go straight into the first one.

Guys, why Fizbos and this is similar to the last one. Again, why this group of people versus anyone else? We talked several trainings ago about where sales come from, right? They come from our sphere of influence. Typically, it’s like 80%, 70% of your business is going to come from your sphere.

But these fizbos and the expireds are not part of your sphere yet. But this is the next lowest hanging fruit group of people, meaning they have the highest intention to sell versus like a phone book or door knocking or regular farming. These people have a much higher intent to sell.

In fact, they’re already selling. They want to sell. They’re trying to sell.

So that’s the first and most important thing. These people are trying to sell. Number two.

Thing is they typically lack knowledge, as I mentioned. Now every once in a while you run into the Fisbo that’s an agent and they’re like, no one can tell me anything. Back off, and there’s nothing you can do there.

But typically they’re going to lack the market knowledge and they’re going to lack the understanding that they can actually net more. And when you can show that to them through stats, through lots of studies, that you can just Google anything, fizbos versus agent. So all the information is out there to show that, statistically speaking, people net more when they work with an agent.

So this lack of their knowledge is typically around marketing efforts. Like they don’t know the process that goes into there. So there’s going to be some scripts we’re going to talk about where you can sort of educate them in a polite way by showing them, look, this is all that goes into marketing a house.

Here’s how you might do this. And in the sense that they’re like, wow, this is way over my head. I don’t have access to any of these tools or marketing strategies or anything.

Maybe I should work with a professional. So this number two, lack of knowledge. This is a strength, this is a benefit for us and an opportunity to help them and overcome their lack of knowledge.

And the last one, there just high conversion rates. Again, this is compared to other audiences like social media, right? Like your farm. Those people are not at the highest intent to sell yet, right? 99% of them are just sort of sitting there.

So these three reasons are why we want to target Fizbos. Intent to sell, opportunity to educate. And they’re going to have a much higher conversion rate than typical people, like a phone book or whatever, right? So we’re much better off spending our time with people that are trying to sell, have intent to sell, and have an opportunity.

So that’s where you guys want to spend your time, right, with your sphere and then with low hanging fruit like Fizbos and expireds. So I’ve seen people spend a lot of time prospecting just their sphere, like with a dialer and things like that. Spheres of course, first, but then this is a way to add people into that sphere.

A nice warm lead that’s coming into the sphere. Next slide. So what does the strategy actually consist of? And as I mentioned, it’s a little bit of repeat from last week because the strategy is going to be very similar where we’re going to acquire these Fizbos.

There’s going to be some steps. Next, I’ll show you where Fizbos come in. Maybe you guys have some ideas already.

So we’re going to be acquiring the Fisbo leads. Then we’re going to be doing some personalized messaging, some specialized outreach. And again, this is the opportunity to differentiate from probably every single other realtor that’s going to be reaching out to them because we know it’s like 5% of people that are doing personalized videos.

So likely separating yourself from 95% of the pack here by going to be using these strategies to reach out. So get the leads, build your list, and then record personal videos for them is essentially the strategy. So very similar like we did last week, guys, with the expireds ena.

Let’s go to the next one. Let’s talk about where these people are coming from. So thankfully, we actually had some people in our last training as well that recommended.

I think it was Red X. I know Vulcan Seven is another useful software here. There’s a lot of these companies that provide leads and in fact, your MLS includes for sale by owners, so you don’t even have to pay for a service to provide you Fizbos.

I know that these services can sometimes make it much easier because it’s like a daily delivery. Like, here’s your list, here’s the Fizbos that hit this morning, and then that makes it much easier to go through that hit list versus going into your own MLS, looking up active listings that were Fizbos and then trying to acquire their information and then using perhaps title or another resource to verify that information. Few more steps involved, maybe a little bit of cost savings.

But if you’re already using one of these services like Redx or Vulcan for any farming or Expireds or any of those other services, then this is going to be a very easy segue or add on into this workflow as well. Like I said, many of those services offer both of these at the same time. Like you’re getting your Fizbos and expireds as part of a single package.

So we do definitely recommend services for that. Just like Dub, right? Like you can shoot a video on your phone and then create a landing page and build all this stuff and put all it together and then put it on YouTube, right? There’s a million ways to work around to do what Dubb can do. Or you have a service like Dub that makes it one click situation.

And it’s similar when it comes to the lead providers where you can go through a little bit of footwork, a little bit of manual stuff yourself to access these lists. Or you could have a service provide it for you. Actually, Jose, I think you were the one that contributed last time on the service for expireds.

They provide your Fizbos as well, right? Was yours Red X or was there another one? I know you’re listening to leads, but did you have a provider for Fizbos? For Fizbos, no, I just go on Zillow and look them up and then wherever pretty much Zillow I use or know, try to look up where people are allowed to do their fisbos themselves, right? And so that’s sort of like the number two. There like public record. MLS zillow trulia.

Yeah, thank you. That’s where you can find that information and like you said, it’s just a little bit more of a manual comb through where you’re finding those pieces of information and then extracting their contact info and then building that list, whereas one of the services is just going to kind of say, here’s your list each day. So, Matt, my plus leads.

Thank you. So if anyone has a service that they recommend or refer, this is why we host these groups, guys, we want you to learn from each other as well as our sort of higher level because we don’t usually make specific. You guys use this tool, right? We leave it up to you.

And so the community here can contribute. So Matt, appreciate that. My plus leads, you vouch for them, matt we got a good service from them.

Excellent. So again, you guys have the choices here. Manually acquiring through Zillow Trulia, MLS, or having the procured list provided to you.

Saw another one there, Pete, 20% accuracy for Title, public records for third. So, yeah, depending on your title, depending on the services they have, they can usually help verify information. I’ve heard this from a number of realtors that have close relationships with their Title, where they can get some support in verifying information.

They have some tools that apparently we don’t have access to as Title and that can help verify information. And just from the two conversations we had with those people that were using Title for that, they said it’s usually like 20% accuracy or something in that nature. So it’s not going to be 100% accurate information, even when verified.

And unfortunately, there’s not much we can do there, right. If they put a fake email or a bad number, just a bad lead. And we got to move on to the next, so okay, next slide.

This one’s going to go pretty quick, guys, because again, it’s a repeater, not anything brand new concepts to us. It’s just a different audience of people. And so what I have here is to record a video for them, right.

This is that first step. So second step, technically. So you’ve got your list, you have your hit list.

It’s not going to be hundreds a day, right? There’s only going to be a hand. Matt, how many would you say a day come into your market for fizzbos? Oh, microphone’s off. Sorry.

Normally about three to five a day, right? Yeah, three to five a day. And so this is very doable in terms of a custom approach for these guys. So obviously on the phone, there can be some friction there.

They be like, Stop calling me, because maybe they’ve already received a bunch of calls. So sometimes the phone call route can be difficult, and that’s where the other route, email, SMS, even some physical mailer is really hard for this one, we’ll talk a little bit about it, but physical stuff is a lot harder with Fizbos because of the speed to lead, right? Like their thing hit the listing this morning and anyway, we’ll talk about that in a moment. This is a script, an example script where again, we want to educate them, not making them feel stupid or saying here you’re doing things wrong or whatever, but just opening their mind to some ideas like that.

You’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. So this is just a standard script that you could use. Again, just saying, hey, I noticed you’re selling your home and while going that route can potentially save you commissions, you’re likely leaving money on the table.

And I’ve helped Sellers get above and they’re asking and now again this line, I’ve helped Sellers, a lot of people, newer agents, people that are part of a team, part of a brokerage, you can leverage your team’s success there as well, right? Like as a new agent or as someone who’s not worked with Fizbos before, you can leverage your team’s experience there because what they’ve done, you can sort of say, well, we’ve done. And so you could say we’ve helped Sellers, I guess to be a little bit more accurate, because we don’t want to straight lie and say I’ve helped hundreds of Sellers do this when you haven’t. So just we want to be truthful.

So it’s we’ve helped if you’ve not personally done that, but I would include that information to say like, look, we’ve done this before, we can help you stand apart. I have some information to share with you. So it’s opening a dialogue, right? It’s like opening the question and say, do you want more information? Would you like to learn about how we’re helping? Because if they’re absolutely shut off to any suggestion or whatever, then nothing’s going to get through to them, right? But by doing this, we’re going to approach them in a consultative manner saying, hey, look, I saw you’re doing this great, here’s why we might be able to help.

Here’s some more information. In fact, there’s another script here we’ll talk about which is, I can help you sell your home yourself. And then in that process, if you can open the dialogue, you begin to tell them all the things that actually go into selling the house, all the different costs and the different marketing strategies and that’s going to instantly go above their head because they’re not a professional realtor and they’ve never probably sold a home before.

So the idea with that script or that dialogue, it’s not so much a script because you’re not going to leave a voicemail about all your marketing strategies. But once a dialogue is started, that’s where you can leverage the script in that sense, where I can help you sell your home yourself and then give them that information. And if nothing else, you have created a relationship, right? These fizbos are opportunities.

I have a couple of stories, in fact, where people have reached out to fizbos. The Fizbo themselves didn’t end up listing, right? But they provided them with a bunch of useful marketing information on how they can list, and then as a result, created a relationship that resulted in referrals and a relationship on an ongoing basis. So we can be helpful, right? We want to be helpful, useful to everybody that we can serve our community.

And while sometimes we have to give up the listing, like, we’re like we’re not chasing anymore. We’re just going to help them because they said, I’m not going to list. But if you want to help me, here’s some information, right? We can do the right thing in that case and just share whatever tips we can with them.

But the idea with the video, guys, is, again, this is asynchronous. So this isn’t a conversation. This is a message.

And this is one of the scripts I recommend. There’s going to be a couple more rob’s going to cover for us, but we do recommend using a script so you’re prepared, you know what to say. And it’s something along these lines.

Say, hey, I saw you’re doing that. Congratulations. I know how big this project can be, and I just wanted to let you know we have some strategies to help you get the most out of your home.

If you’d like to learn more, let me know. The concept with this, too, is we’re already differentiating from the competition by having that personal video for them. About this video part, guys, I can’t stress this enough either, is the personalization.

So because they’re regular people, consumers, I always recommend using the app to personalize the thumbnail for these people. And you remember, there’s only three, five, eight a day tops. So this is very doable.

In, like, 15 minutes, we could knock all these out in the app. If you guys don’t remember, there’s a little whiteboard feature. Click the whiteboard and I’d say, hey, John, this is how I’m going to start the thumbnail that I’m going to send via email, via SMS.

It takes three more seconds to add this to your video, and it will increase the views and the clicks on that video dramatically, like twice the number of responses you’ll typically receive. So with the volume that we’re dealing with here, it’s not very high. So I will recommend that personal approach for each video you record.

Okay, so personalization rough script here. You guys can sort of customize that yourself. We’ll talk more about a couple of scripts Rob has to share as well.

But that’s the basic script is I see what you’re doing. Congrats. We can help.

Do you want to learn more? Okay, next slide. So we actually had some scripts here. Market Leader.

Actually, that’s the wrong one. That’s for expired Rob. The link is on the other script page.

It’s on the good, good. So come back to that one. Yeah, that’s fine.

Again, we talked about scripts on the last slide. I talked about them more having scripts ready. So you want two scripts that you’re going to be prepared for.

One is the video script, right? That’s the one we just talked about. The second is going to be your actual call script. So if you connect with somebody, I’m going to recommend you have some scripts prepared because they’re going to have objections and you have the opportunity to overcome those.

Not like aggressive pressure sales, right? Like, oh, you’re wrong, and don’t get into an argument with the Fizbo. But this is an opportunity, again, to provide help, provide support, be a consultant, whether they want to do business or not. We want to nurture the opportunity for a relationship.

So I don’t have specific scripts for the call, like actual connected call here, but we will share a link. And so, again, there’s two scripts for Fizbo outreach, and then one is the message script, like the video, the voicemail, that type of script, and the other one’s, when you actually connect on the sorry, I’m a it’s Darius using Ruben’s account here. Apologies.

So anyway, I do recommend guys having a couple scripts prepared for both if you connect with somebody because you might, and being prepared for that conversation. And then when they don’t answer the phone, you have your video script ready to deliver via SMS or email if their information is available. So be prepared with your scripts.

We do have a link to share for a couple of video scripts, but the actual call conversations, that’s up to you guys because it’s very different. All right, let’s talk about now. Rob, I’m going to pass it over to you.

We’re going to just talk about the format. Guys, I touched on this a little bit with the personalization, but Rob, I’m going to have you talk about the format of these emails and text messages that are going to go out. Yeah, it’s really nice.

And the fact that being able to personalize so much stuff these days is just incredible. People almost expect it. I mean, if you send something that’s so generic and not personalized, a lot of people right away like, wait a minute, what are you doing? Everything’s personalized now.

So in this email setup in particular, how nice is it to have everything in here in terms of your nurturing, your follow up, especially with the Fizzbo stuff? Like Darius said, you’re leading with this, you’re educating this person. So within this script that you have here within the email, how nice is it to have that video right there below it, embedded within there that someone sees, and again, that animated GIF those 1st 3 seconds. It doesn’t have to be just a plain background.

I mean, it could literally be the listing that’s behind you, and you could just be pointing just like this and then have your phone with the name on it darius just showed like that. So there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do visually to have this sit in here. But the setup here seems very personable when you look at these emails.

And I think a lot of the times when you come up with your subject line, that’s something we’ve always worked on over the years, is what’s the best subject line to have? Everyone always thinks about that. But telling someone that you have not a hack, but like insight or that one piece of knowledge you’re going to need on the fizzbo that you have, that’s pretty powerful. So a lot of the times when you’re coming up with these scripts, remember this right here, and this is just a super reminder, is the fact that having IRA available to everybody on the dashboard, and I’m sure everybody at this point has probably used it, our AI assistant.

But this is really good to pop in here and just kind of start some stuff out. Because, remember, you can go in here and do any task you want. You can come in here and do email copy you’re writing there for the email that you’re going to send out.

You can pop right over here. It says, Write email right there. It’s right there.

And then you have the industry, there real estate. And then you can put something specific about Fizbo in there and then do your tones and you can pop it out right there. So anytime these emails go out, the biggest thing that you want to do is get them used to seeing this nice format that you’re showing.

They’re getting used to seeing the email copy, the video. It’s very thorough. I think that’s the one thing people want, too, but they also want brevity, that first opening paragraph within the text and the email.

That’s not that long, so you want to get right to the point on that stuff. Okay, so let’s go to the next one, to the SMS. And actually here I’ll share my screen just for a moment to show a visual of what Rob was.

Just you guys, I showed the personalization in the thumbnail. But another strategy, you could take the image of their listing. There’s two ways to do this.

One is you can take a screenshot of this and then use that as your actual background on your video page. So, like, I can upload this as a physical background behind the video. So where this art space is, I can put their listing there, or I could actually upload it as a virtual background and have their listing be there.

So there’s two methods here. I’ll just do that really quick. Actually, I didn’t save that.

Let me do that one more time. So I would ship command four. I’m just going to put this as my background, as a virtual background.

So I would go to my webcam, go to upload my photos, downloads. This one right here and then so now I could have that as my virtual background. So it’s behind me in the video just like this.

We’ll select it and select so I can do it like this or you can see it’s a little iffy depending on the lighting and stuff like that. And the final option is you could actually do a screen recording from here. So you can put yourself in a bubble and then put your bubble on top of the video.

Again, there’s a number of ways to do that. You guys can use the desktop app for that function or the Chrome extension. I’ll just show the extension or the desktop app in this case.

So I have my little bubble pulled up on their page and say, hey John, I wanted to talk to you about your for sale by owner listing. Now, congratulations on getting your home listed. We’re one step towards getting your sold now.

I want to tell you a little thing that when you’re listing yourself, there’s a big chance anyway, I won’t go into the full script, but this is another way to personalize that thumbnail because the concept is when they open that email, they open that text message, they’re going to see something that they’re immediately going to recognize. So whether that’s their listing or their name on a board, both of those would probably be very recognizable for them. So I would recommend one or either one of those steps.

Personally, I would like the listing here. If they have good photos, too, like this one has some really good, really good master shot, this would be a great backboard on your video. The key takeaway from this strategy, though, guys, is the personalization in the thumbnail.

So that as soon as they open this message, they’re going to instantly understand this was not something generic, this was not an autoresponder. This was something that was made just for them and that’s going to give us the best likelihood of actually having our message be heard. So a couple of pieces to that strategy there.

There’s the message in the video itself and then there is the strategy for making the message appear appealing to the recipient. Okay, ena. We got SMS next, I think, and same strategy with the SMS guys is, again, we personalized it for a reason because this is what they’re actually going to see in their inbox.

Go ahead, Rob. Yeah, and we have a link on this slide right here to Virtuance site that I’m going to show you right now. It’s just a couple different examples of some scripts that you can use that they’ve used as an example.

So if we pop over here and we just look at them really quickly, this is a good example where you can use IRA, which I’ll show you in a second. But just as an example of what the different ones are like, take the first one, request a listing appointment, right? We’ve got that one. So as an example, I noticed that you’re trying to sell your home.

You might be leaving thousands on the table without even realizing it. So that’s a big point right there. Money on the table.

Who wants that? The second one. Explain. You have interested buyers.

I mean, that’s something obviously, I have several interested buyers looking for homes in this area. Are you interested in working with an agent? The next one, lead with value. This is pretty much I mean, you could plug this into any sales profession anywhere in the world.

You definitely want to lead with value. But in this case in particular, you think you’re saving money on the agent commissions, but you could be spending thousands. You’re leaving thousands on the closing table.

And then you have have other resources. So a lot of the mean, you guys are the experts in this field. I mean, you have contacts, you have information, you have experience.

This is where it’s really leaning into that. But the cool thing, what you can do here is when you have these examples, like, I could take this one, request a listing appointment. I could just take this and copy it, right? And then I could pop right over here to use IRA, come back over here to the dub dashboard.

And then I can put this in here because we have a task in here that’s rewrite copy it’s right down, rewrite this, copy real estate right there. Paste this in here, and then we can decide what we want to do. For a tone, I think we should definitely be persuasive.

We should definitely be informative. You could put a little humorous in there if you’d like, and friendly maybe. It doesn’t need to be that long.

Let’s just put it about let’s just go 138, hit submit. Now remember, the best practice on this stuff, especially with IR, when you hit submit, you can keep hitting submit to get more answers. You might only like a certain part of this answer.

So what it did was it took that copy and it rewrote it. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got your back. I specialize in helping homeowners like you sell their properties for the maximum possible value.

How about we chat this week? So you can take little parts of this and maybe you hit submit again and you take a couple more sentences. Maybe you like the second one in here. You like a couple sentences from here.

With my expertise, I’ve helped countless homeowners, things like that, and you can build out and cobble your own. The cool thing is, once you have these scripts and you have them down and you’re getting ready to SMS a cool style right over here inside the dashboard. Did this video a while ago.

This is just an example of a market value. This is shot on the mobile app, but this style, instead of having the market value behind you, the market update. You just have the Fizbo listing, kind of like Darius was just showing with the basic website recorder.

You can do this with the mobile app as well, if you want to shoot it on there with the virtual background, which looks really cool, and you could even shoot in clips. And I’ll show you guys this right after. I’m going to show you how to create this process as well, right after Rob’s done with.

And when you’re shooting the mobile app, you can shoot it in clips. So all I did here was I just shot in clips and loaded behind me. It was like four different clips, and I’m speaking specifically about each one of those clips.

So maybe in that Fizbo listing, you start with what it looks like, scroll down and say, check out this part right here. This is what I know a lot know, and you kind of move around there. But this visual take on it is great for them to see.

Now, when you’re sending the SMS out, one of the biggest things and Darius talks about this a lot, and we have a video for this is that you’re able to force the video GIF preview so they can see that nice animated GIF that you want people to see. So it’s not just that link. So that’s something I believe the video is about 55 seconds, right, Darius? I think that yeah, I’m going to put that in the chat right now, guys.

There’s a video that shows you how to force the GIF preview. When you’re text messaging a new contact, all these Fizzbos are going to be new. They’re going to be cold.

And so this video I’m going to put in the chat right now is going to show you how to force the preview as a cold text message. So that way they will see the preview of your video, even if they’ve never responded to a message before. Good.

All right. Now let me show you guys something really quick. This is what Rob was just discussing, which is, in the mobile app, you can do what he just showed, which is that virtual background.

So the first thing I did is I just went on Zillow and I pulled up the listing. I took a screenshot of this. So on your device, you can lock screen and up button, or, depending on what you’re on, take the screenshot.

Then you go over to the dub app, and in the app, there is a little button for virtual background, which is this little image button right here. So you click the image button, says, okay, proceed. And then from there, it’s going to take extra juice.

And then, so there you have the ability to either click the image button for existing images, and in this case, you’re going to click the folder button, and then you’re going to import the image of the screen that we just shot. Now, it’s hard to see but if you can see my video is now on top of the list, that’s really hard to see. Okay, anyway, so there’s me on top of the video and I can say, hey guys, I just want to talk to you about your listing and there’s some things that I wanted to cover anyway.

I won’t go into the full script again. We have the script there, but this is how you would utilize their listing as a virtual background in the video through the mobile app as well. So whichever device you guys feel most comfortable recording on, whether it’s your mobile, the desktop, we’ve given you a couple of ways to really make that thumbnail pop for the person that’s receiving it.

And then it just comes down to the script and providing value to convince them they should work with you, versus missing out on money selling themselves again. I recommend citing stats there. Right.

All the stats show the same outcome. Fizbos net less than when they list with an agent. There’s literally countless things out there all showing the same result.

So I’m very stat driven. Maybe the person is emotionally driven or stat driven. So you want to tap into both of those.

All the stats speak for themselves. So I do recommend having understanding those stats, knowing that people are netting less when they’re selling as Fizbos, and that’s the primary reason they want to list with an agent is because you can net them more. And you could have like a little image there too, which would be pretty cool and creatively if you had an image behind you with a table with money on it and you knew the percentage you looked up.

How know fisbo owners, what do they lose percentage wise with money? That GIF of you pointing saying, hey, you’re leaving money on the table, kind of doing one of these kind of things, that’s kind of creative. So that’s fun to do. Matt, sounds like you said you can tap on the back of your phone to collect the picture.

You mean it’s going to take a screenshot of your screen if you tap that? Sounds like an iPhone feature. Yeah, I know. There’s a couple little unknown iPhone features.

Like if you double tap here, it turns on the light. Yeah, there you go, it turns on the light. So there’s a couple little weird little tricks like that on iPhone.

So it sounds like you can take a screenshot that way as well. Interesting. Good.

Okay, so Ena, go ahead and pull up the slides again. I think we got maybe one or two more. So guys, we covered the couple first parts here.

One is acquiring the list. You have multiple options for that, free, in fact, from your MLS or Zillow or Realtor Trulia, whatever. Second is you’re going to craft a message.

We’ve given you guys some links here for Asynchronous messages, meaning your video scripts. And then we’ve given you guys the strategy to make the most impactful message possible by personalizing that thumbnail so it’s going to show up in their email. We’ve also given you the strategy to force that same preview as a text message.

So these are what I recommend, and we do recommend an omnichannel approach, guys. So if you have emails, if you have text messages, send both. Now, I was going to talk about the physical piece because it’s not unheard of, right? Leaving a door hanger or something, but it’s not convenient, right? Like if you wanted to do a QR code, you have to have a door hanging like a Vista print in your location nearby where you can actually go print something like that day or the next day and go hang it on their door.

Again, not very convenient because your discrepancy locations, you got to drive around town leaving door hangers or pieces of mail or something like that. So not as effective with this strategy because it’s a time sensitive thing, but it is still very doable. So if you guys have a mailing service or a printing service, you guys can still leverage the physical mail component where again, you’re leaving a door hanger with a QR code and a message or piece of mail in their mailbox.

Not the mail one. The mail one is sort of questionable, like if it’s your farm, things like that. But door hangers are safe, just not, again, as convenient as these other methodologies.

So phone calls first, if you can conversate with them, have a conversation, that’s what we want. When the phone call is not answered, we’re going to be sending video and email. So yeah, this is the strategy, guys.

This is what people are doing. What they’re not doing is the differentiation, right? They’re not doing the special personal video that’s 95% of people are not doing that, but there are a lot of people pounding the Fizbos. And so let’s differentiate, let’s make an impression better than what the other agents are doing and give ourselves a chance to really earn that business good.

All right, any questions about today’s training? I know it’s a pretty quick one, but I think we got everything we needed out there. Also, if there’s any recommendations for lead services, I know we had one. My plus leads.

Matt, if you got a referral link or something, share it up, buddy. No? Okay, well, anyways, we always like referrals recommendations. If you guys have technologies or list providers or anything like that, we love for you guys to share with each other.

I know Vulcan Seven, I think Red X as well, offers similar services. Pick which one you guys want or do what our friend Jose is doing and just comb MLS because it’s a daily activity as well. So this is just part of the process.

You got your Fizbos, you got your expireds. There’s an hour of low hanging fruit prospecting every day, right? You could probably knock out both of those in like, an hour or less, maybe, depending on how many hit the books that day. But this will take up a good part of your day with low hanging fruit, with high conversion opportunities.

So we always recommend to start there, right. Your sphere and then the next best opportunities, which are these two groups of people. Good.

If you don’t mind me asking, the chat group and everybody who’s in here, whoever’s using Red X or Vulcan Seven, if they can tell us hey, what they like about it, if they’re having great success with it, because I’m actually looking into that for more listings. So just wanted to ask the group, hey, who’s doing it? I’m using listing to leads. They got a lot of tools.

Video, the Facebook ads are done is just click play and set and forget. That’s what I like about it. And Google Leads, they have brochures for buyers and sellers, email follow ups.

They got a lot of tools. And for $60, if you’re a single agent, totally worth it, right? No, that’s a killer thing. Thanks, Jose.

I’ve heard great things about listings to Leads as well, so no negatives there from my end, but I actually put the link in there, too. Nice. Good.

Yeah. So, guys, if you’re interested in listening to leads, definitely check that one out. Let me think there.

Yeah, I know. If anyone else like I said, I don’t recognize anyone here. That was from the Vulcan Seven.

Recommendations? This is from one of our coaches. He recommended that one. Anyways, any other questions, guys? We’ll get ready to wrap it up here.

Any comments, concerns, referrals, or recommendations? We love to have you guys help each other out. One thing with my plus leads is they don’t send it until you are, in a way, they’re trying to keep the Do Not Call thing going and also the time frame that you’re allowed to call in the state that you’re at. For instance, they don’t send those leads until 09:00, and that’s when I can contact people in the state of Texas.

Good, right. Okay. That’s probably just best practice as well.

Yeah, I know. We do want to avoid the do not call. That’s part of the risk of when you’re procuring your own lists is you don’t know if they’re in the Do Not Call or not.

So a benefit of a service like that is you’re not going to be calling people on the Do Not Call list. You don’t want to call those people. It’s the worst phone call you’ll have.

All yeah. Don’t call the do. Not you, Matt.

So, yeah, that but obviously, Zillow, they’ve already opened up the yeah. If the number is out there, that’s not a number on the Do Not Call list. I think that’s safe to assume.

It’s kind of like you might be a Do Not Call list on your cell phone, but because you’re a commercial person, you’re using your cell phone, you can’t be on the do not call list. Right? It’s like, sorry, those two things are mutually exclusive. You can’t be commercial phone number and not do not call.

So good. Well, yeah, thanks for that. That’s some good intelligence as well.

We don’t want to call people at 07:00 in the morning, right. And people aren’t probably going to be happy to receive that phone call. So wait for the right time.

Even if you’re procuring your own list. So, yeah, get your timing down, do not Call, make sure that’s a clean list, which doesn’t sound like there’d be too many issues whether you’re using a service or procuring it. And the great thing is there’s no animated video GIF preview list.

So when you text someone, enforce that GIF preview, you should be good to go. So there’s no list for that. So that should be good to go through.

Right? I was going to say too. Another option, too, if we’re going to go with just different types of lists. Like for instance, probate.

What I do is I get up early. I get into the Probate Clerk’s office, I look for today’s schedule, find out who’s going to be doing their probate, maybe even yesterday, and then create videos like you’re saying about right now and sending it directly to them. Now you’re going to have to do your skip trace program to probably get maybe their emails.

But I found the only error for this one that I’m working on and the cops never found them, and I found them within six months on me. Wow, you have regular detectives, actually. And thanks for that, Matt, because there are these other lists, there’s like divorce lists, there’s probate lists, there’s some other lists here that people are low hanging fruit that are again, much more likely to convert.

And so what we’ll do thanks for that suggestion, Matt. We’ll put another couple trainings together on some other lists that maybe aren’t tapped into as much like the divorce list. I don’t know where to find those.

Right. I’ve talked to a couple of realtors that, that’s one of the specialties. I hit my divorcee list and my probate list, like every day.

So we’ll find some information on that, hear from a specialist, and then bring the training. Well, I was just going to say with your program, what’s so nice is too, you got two things. So you got the person, the PR person that’s handling the case, and then also you want to try your best efforts of getting a hold of the attorney so he’ll refer you to more business if you do.

Yeah, exactly. You make a relationship with that attorney, that’s an evergreen ongoing referral list. So nurture those relationships and then by doing a personal video for that attorney, that’s going to make an impression on them.

They’re like, wow, this agent has their stuff together. I’ve never seen something like this again, opportunity to differentiate from the noise that’s out there. Because with your program, what I was going to do is I just got a new green screen.

I haven’t put it up because the freaking thing came in broken. But anyway, I have a program called Estate Exec, and it helps take the drag off the attorneys. It’s like TurboTax that was created for probate attorneys.

Oh, wow. And so it’s literally everything that you’re going to be doing, and as you close that circle of everything, the final thing is sending your last check to the IRS, and then you’re done with the probate. Right.

So you understand sort of where that opportunity is at in their probate journey or whatever. So you’re explaining that to the attorney to help take the drag off of his work that the client needs to do. Fantastic.

They all want some load off their shoulders, so it’s great. Good. All right.

Well, Matt, we’ll talk to you, too, if you’re in here on the next one, we’ll definitely bring you in here to provide some of your expertise as well. That’s what we like to do, guys, is we find the best strategies that we hear working for people. We do our research, talk to our experts, and then we put some stuff together for you guys.

So love the suggestion here. Hey, Darius, can I say something real quick? Of course, go ahead. For any of the realtors that are from California, I put my number on the chat.

Hit me up, give me a call. Because relocations are huge, and believe it or not, people are leaving California and they’re leaving. And so, believe it or not, people are not hitting up these potential sellers.

So I actually run campaigns, and I try to get lists out there from California and just let them know, hey, are you thinking about relocating? I’ve gotten plenty of sellers and turnaround and buyers as well, too. So if you’re not hitting up relocations, that is something huge right now out in California. Nice.

Yeah. Nobody nobody wants to live in California anymore. It’s expensive.

The only thing nice is the weather. That’s about it. Everyone’s like, get the heck out of here.

Everything’s a million bucks, and the taxes are crazy. So people are leaving, that’s for sure. All the other states are annoyed.

Every state’s like, God dang, California is coming over here and ruining our politics and doing all kinds of stuff. But the heat is going to bring them back. Oh, yeah, right.

It comes summer in Florida and Texas and the South Arizona, we got to go back to the 90s instead of these 110s. Yeah, cool. Or maybe you get both, right? They have a little home in Florida and then something in California.

Get the double dip or get the no state taxes out. Know, take advantage of. Yeah, yeah.

Vegas is nice for actually well, if you haven’t paid attention, San francisco is now like a ghost town. There’s a lot of businesses leaving and then the rents being super high. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs that are just paying even up to almost $10,000 in rent you can own out here in Vegas in luxury for less than four grand a month.

Right. So there’s a lot of things that we can all do and share and help each other out. Absolutely.

So if you guys want to take down Jose’s information or you guys want to exchange any information for referrals, it’s a beautiful thing, right? You never know where people are moving to and having a great connection. Someone like Jose, where you can know he’s got his stuff together and know your referrals in a safe place, good online. All right, well, thank you guys for your time today.

We will have more every Thursday, I think we got one or two more in the schedule for now and then. Matt, I liked your idea about some alternative lists here. We’ll put a training together for that as well, for the divorcees and probates and any other specialists we can put our hands.

If I may end on maybe a little lighter note, do you know why cannibals don’t eat divorcees? Why don’t cannibals eat divorces? Do you know? No, I don’t. I don’t know all the realtors be careful. They’re bitter.

They’re bitter. That’s why they don’t eat the divorcees. They’re bitter.

Hey, you could have that on your virtual background, Tony. Just have that joke, have that first line, and don’t give the punchline away yet. They got to respond, right? Why don’t they? I got to know.

What’s the line? Why don’t they? All right. Hey, thanks, guys. Appreciate you all the time.

All right. Thank you, sir. All right, shade.

All you guys as well. Thank you for attending. Any questions, comments, anything? You guys know we’re ten minutes away or whatever through a chat.

We’re available every day for live training at 10:00 A.m., so you guys need support, we’re here for you. Thank you.

See you next time. Thanks. Bye, everybody.