This blog post introduces a VideoAsk alternative, Dubb. See how Dubb provides all of the same features, and more so. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

Below is a transcript from the video:

Hey, everyone, in this video I’m going to show you how Doug can be used in
alternative to video app it’s going to provide all the same exact features plus,
so much more for a significantly lower cost when we’re doing things at scale. So
let’s go ahead and jump into the comparison. So video, as is pretty simple right
now it’s a newer product. And so there’s not a ton to it. Here is
kind of the dashboard. And what we do is we create videos in order to
ask for specific types of replies, which can be a video reply
can be audio or text. And now that provides the
same exact functionality it’s just going to look a little bit different, so here’s
what it looks like when you create a video with video ask and you’re asking for
a type of reply, so the videos on the left. The buttons are on the right.
Just a little bit different. If you’re looking at it on mobile buttons are below videos in the center
now here’s what that actually looks like when we’re looking at it on a full page. Now
let’s go ahead and compare this to dub. So as I mentioned, that provides the
same exact functionality just a little bit different. The main difference
is that these pages are completely customizable. So you can upload your own logo custom
URL custom background. The video itself in
the center where the video is the whole page with video as that’s really
the main difference now with sub you can have playlists and, of course,
multiple different types of call to action it’s
not just about collecting a response we can collect. Of course, the
video testimonial audio we can collect text. We can have real time chat calendar
integration, but we can also have them fill out forms
download attachment. Do all kinds of different things that we can do
with the PPA that we’re actually not getting with video app it’s
just some basic responses that we’re eliciting now with do
as I mentioned we can have these buttons do just about anything we want. They can
make a phone call. They can send a text message. They can open
up a Facebook Messenger integration or Facebook Messenger
conversation like I said just about anything in the digital space,
we want someone to do or want someone to do. We can get them to do
using a budget below. So that’s kind of the main difference between the platforms it’s just kind of the
layout of the way that videos work and then also the way that they’re distributed.
So dub provides the ability to send them through text message. We can send him through
emails. We can also send them through automation. So dub has built in ability to
send one video to an entire list of people here’s one that
was sent in 19 almost 20,000 we can see specifically who watched how much of
the video that they watched if they click any call to action and also any replies.
Anything like that will also automatically be collected. Do also offer
email templates and even automation. So we can send these video
emails video text messages out through automation, meaning they’re
going out automatically with some of the automation built into here and stuff. Now, we can
also incorporate the videos into any other automation or
email campaign that you’re already
using HubSpot or market or anything like that, fully integrated with those or you can use the features
in house. So what we’ve done is just kind of showing you quickly the
basic structure of video ask and how tubs going to provide all that
same functionality. Plus, so much more let’s just quickly recap
with pricing. So there is a free plan here, just like there’s a free plan at Deb. Except
for it’s going to be. Everything branded with video as stuff. Same thing over
at dev with the free plan has done branding. Now, on the first
year 24 per month or 30 per month is paid monthly
it’s going to provide only 100 minutes and now
that’s really the main limitation there is the limit is the length of
time you can have. Your responses meaning
video or audio processing and the partially
video as branding now on dubbed entry point plan. 10 dollars per
month. And even on the 40 dollars per month or the 32 dollars per month these
are completely your brand. So not partial, branding
all your own companies, branding and no limitations on dubs
plan. The 10 dollars per month or 40 dollars per month now there is
one higher tier plan over a video ask which is that 40 dollars per month. Actually,
if we build month to month, it is 50 dollars per month or 30 so,
right in between there, the Pro plan with dub offers everything that do has
to offer except for that automation. But it includes complete custom
branding all the features that video as offers plus so much more. And then
the brand plan they have is 200 miles of video audio processing.
No, limits over a dub for all the same features 10 dollars
less there’s. Also a support plan, which is only 10 dollars. So if you’re
really only needing to use the platform for video. Replies then that’s the
way to go you’re going to have all the same functions you have with video. Ask
for only 10 dollars. Per month and no limitations. So I know if you guys are looking at using
video as a solution to kind of collect testimonials or other replies, you will
see the Dubs going to provide more functionality for less cost. So check out a
free trial at dub dot. Com.

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