Create, share, and track video messages from Salesmessage

The Salesmessage integration allows you to create, share, and track video messages directly from the Salesmessage email interface. Video messages sent to an individual or via a campaign generate real-time contact reporting inside the Dubb dashboard or third-party platform.

Here are steps to install the Salesmessage.

1. Install the Dubb Integration from the Salesmessage Marketplace
2. Install Dubb Chrome Extension from the Chrome Store
3. Log into the Dubb Chrome Extension
4. Refresh Salesmessage website
5. Click Dubb button in the Salesmessage email interface
6. Record, select, or upload a video and insert into an email
7. View real-time reporting within Dubb dashboard
8. Here are instructions for configuring Salesmessage for Bulk and Automated SMS using Dubb