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Connection Loop

Connection Loop is a podcast hosted by Dubb Founder, Ruben Dua. The show focuses on the stories of leaders, innovators, and friends — all in a conversational format. This show is brought to you by dubb.com.

Podcast: How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of the LinkedIn Pie with Brenda Meller

LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful way to connect with your audience, prospects,

Podcast: Why we need a New Type of Leader for a New World? with Suzi Sosa

Are you looking to become a better leader in our rapidly changing world?

Podcast: The Power of Scaling a Side Hustle with Carrie Bohlig

Simply put, we are living in the age of the side hustle. With

Podcast: How to Create a Relationship Flywheel and Use it to Supercharge Your Business Growth with Isar Meitis

No matter the size or sector of your business, it is essentially impossible

Podcast: Accountability as a Sales Strategy with Kristie Jones

One of the most important themes in sales leadership is accountability. Any organization,

Podcast: The Importance of Empathy for Leadership and Marketing with Troy Holt

The modern-day workplace is mostly focused on profits and losses and maximizing shareholder

Podcast: Converting LinkedIn Connections to Conversations with Brynne Tillman

If you are a LinkedIn user, you have certainly received your fair share

Podcast: Do you Feel Imposter Syndrome on Video? Learn how to be CONFIDENT! with Felicia Miller Johnson

Video provides so many opportunities for individual creators and every type of business.

Podcast: Moving From Fear to Purpose-Driven Action in Times of Uncertainty with Bill Wooditch

For all of us, life can be a scary thing. We take risks

Podcast: Brand-Focused Marketing for Revenue Growth with Dino H. Carter

All of our businesses are looking for revenue growth. Without increasing sales, it

Podcast: On Sales, Leadership, Depression, and Mental Health with Dale Dupree

As we enter the new year, many of us are setting annual goals.

Podcast: Adapting to Today’s B2B Tech Buyer with Vinay Bhagat

If your company sells products or services to other businesses, it’s vital to

Podcast: How to Be Purposely Positive with Jackie Hermes

Building a startup or advancing toward your career goals can be stressful. How

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