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Connection Loop

Connection Loop is a podcast hosted by Dubb Founder, Ruben Dua. The show focuses on the stories of leaders, innovators, and friends — all in a conversational format. This show is brought to you by dubb.com.

Podcast: Boosting The Quantity of Conversations with Higher Quality Connections for Better Relationships with Steve Moreland

Have you ever struggled to build quality relationships with clients at scale? In

Podcast: Finding Your Voice and Being Authentic in Sales Videos with Rachael Tresch

As sales professionals, it’s important that our voice cuts through the noise and

Podcast: How to Objection Handle in Sales Video Messages with Marcus Chan

How well do you respond to situations where you're prompted to take no for

Podcast: Making Bigger Connections through Video with Ken Walls

Gone are the days of reaching out to people using traditional methods of

Podcast: Driving Growth Through Content with Jake Dunlap

We all know that content marketing is effective. The problem lies in making sure

Podcast: How to Build Your Authority Platform Online with Chris Kirkpatrick

In this day and age, running a business does not only call for

Podcast: How to Make a Video Studio and Recording Process with Kenn Okazaki

Getting into the process of creating video content for business can be overwhelming

Podcast: The Future of Product Management with Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

Product management is one of the most important functions in a company. The

Podcast: Building a Personal Brand that Stands Out with Rachel Lee

In this episode of Dubb’s podcast, “Connection Loop”, Dubb’s Founder, Ruben Dua (@rubendua)

Podcast: Mindful Entrepreneurship with Mariya Palanjian

All of us know what mindfulness and entrepreneurship are. However, when you combine

Podcast: Prospects Don’t Know What They Need, You Must Show Them! with David Walter

Whenever we are trying to sell a product or service to another person,

Podcast: Growth Hacks to Effectively and Efficiently Grow a Startup with Hamlet Azarian

Whether you have founded or work for a startup, you are almost certainly

Podcast: Dialogue with Your Customer’s Brain with Marty Bickford

Whenever we are trying to sell something, we can’t just look at our

Podcast: How to Get Reliable Online Reviews for Your Business with Reza Lavasani

One of the best things about buying something on the Internet is that

Podcast: Modern Prospecting: How to Prospect Through 2021 and Beyond with Collin Cadmus

No matter what business that you are in, you have to constantly think

Podcast: Big Little Breakthroughs: How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results with Josh Linkner

No matter where you work, you are undoubtedly trying to develop a better

Podcast: What Investors Actually Care About with Robert Harary

Whether you just started a startup or are looking to scale your business,

Podcast: Giving Your Business the Edge with Public Relations with Gary Frisch

No matter the product or service that your company is selling, you need

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