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Connection Loop

Connection Loop is a podcast hosted by Dubb Founder, Ruben Dua. The show focuses on the stories of leaders, innovators, and friends — all in a conversational format. This show is brought to you by dubb.com.

How to Maintain a Growth Mindset Even Through Difficult Times with John Barrows

Being in the sales industry, you’ve probably had your fair share of rejections

Mixing things up as a Mompreneur with Reena Friedman Watts

Learn about podcasting, events, networking, and mompreneurship with Reena Friedman Watts on Connection

YOUR Light to Find Your Audience with Michelle ‘Emtre’ Hollis

SALES CONFIDENCE! Music and the Quantum Field The story continues on dubb.com. Sign

How to Live the Exit Lifestyle without Selling Your Business by The Real Jason Duncan

As Jason Duncan earned his master’s in education in 2007, he fell in

Podcast: Becoming a Video Sales Master with Jeffrey Gitomer

Salespeople have a reputation for being aggressive. While it’s not necessarily a bad

Podcast: The Biggest Problems and Solutions for your Sales Process with Jay Skinner

Sales is no easy job. Reaching out to prospects about your product, convincing

Podcast: How to Build and Grow a Remote Sales Team with Lavie Popack

This episode of the Connection Loop podcast features Lavie Popack, the CEO of

Podcast: Boosting The Quantity of Conversations with Higher Quality Connections for Better Relationships with Steve Moreland

Have you ever struggled to build quality relationships with clients at scale? In

Podcast: Finding Your Voice and Being Authentic in Sales Videos with Rachael Tresch

As sales professionals, it’s important that our voice cuts through the noise and

Podcast: How to Objection Handle in Sales Video Messages with Marcus Chan

How well do you respond to situations where you're prompted to take no for

Podcast: Making Bigger Connections through Video with Ken Walls

Gone are the days of reaching out to people using traditional methods of

Podcast: Driving Growth Through Content with Jake Dunlap

We all know that content marketing is effective. The problem lies in making sure

Podcast: How to Build Your Authority Platform Online with Chris Kirkpatrick

In this day and age, running a business does not only call for

Podcast: How to Make a Video Studio and Recording Process with Kenn Okazaki

Getting into the process of creating video content for business can be overwhelming

Podcast: The Future of Product Management with Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

Product management is one of the most important functions in a company. The

Podcast: Building a Personal Brand that Stands Out with Rachel Lee

In this episode of Dubb’s podcast, “Connection Loop”, Dubb’s Founder, Ruben Dua (@rubendua)

Podcast: Mindful Entrepreneurship with Mariya Palanjian

All of us know what mindfulness and entrepreneurship are. However, when you combine

Podcast: Prospects Don’t Know What They Need, You Must Show Them! with David Walter

Whenever we are trying to sell a product or service to another person,

Podcast: Growth Hacks to Effectively and Efficiently Grow a Startup with Hamlet Azarian

Whether you have founded or work for a startup, you are almost certainly

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