Collin Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Predictable Revenue, has an impressive background in sales. Starting as an account executive for over a decade, he then ventured into building CRM software, but found that it wasn’t aligned with the market’s needs despite being effective and cutting-edge—there was no product-market fit.

This setback didn’t discourage Collin. Instead, he used it as a learning experience that fueled his drive to find the next best idea. While searching for ways to bring a successful product to market, he stumbled upon the book Predictable Revenue, which ultimately led him to co-found and become the CEO of Predictable Revenue. As a leader at Predictable Revenue, Collin helps B2B companies accelerate their growth by creating effective sales development programs and building robust go-to-market strategies.

In this conversation, Collin and Ruben Dua explore the concept of predictable revenue, including how to formulate go-to-market strategies, achieve product-market fit, and identify the ideal customer profile.

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