If you’re in the business of relationships, you’ve probably realized the next best thing to in-person communication is video.

Dubb is a simple-to-use platform that lets you share screen and camera videos to get your best ideas across in the most personalized way.

We’ve conducted intensive research and have gone through terabytes of data and here are a few pointers that could help you increase your email open/click rates along with views of your Dubb videos.

Personalize Your Subject Lines

If you’re like most people you have a perpetually full inbox of emails. The new average number of emails that people receive on a daily basis is 88, while the average number of emails people send on a daily basis is 34.

Include the person’s first name in the subject line, and offer something interesting, valuable or even entertaining.

Send Personal Emails instead of Batch Sends (when possible)

There are a plethora of ways to mass send emails, however, even with personalized fields in your mass emails, you will not get the results you’re looking for. Email systems are too smart now and know when emails are sent from third-party servers. Most of the time mass emails end up in the promotions folder or even the abominable spam or junk folders.

Try keeping the same subject line in your personal follow-up emails.

The benefit of keeping the same subject line is to show the message history. This shows perseverance, tenacity and gives the reader a chance to review your messages to better understand the message you are sending. That said, don’t send too many emails. A good number of touch points to get someone on a call or in a meeting in sales is 6-12. Yes, that’s right 6-12 touch points to get someone to respond back for a sales solicitation.

same subject line

Example of the message number highlight

If you are using Dubb to share camera or screen videos, here are few pointers for video.

Open Your Video with Something That They Value

Here are a few examples of things that will impress your contacts and make them want to click on your videos.

their website
dashboard/analysis/report pertaining to their business
award they won
article/blog/social post that featured them

Too often we tend to show things that we want to see and we want to sell, instead of things that they want to see. If you’re in sales, remember your funnel and don’t try to jump steps. Here is a typical sales funnel. Email messaging should adhere to this sales funnel.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Present a problem/opportunity
  3. Provide a clear value proposition
  4. Provide social proof
  5. Offer a no-obligation trial/conversation/meeting, etc
  6. Provide a specific proposal
  7. Assist in the decision-making process (and be patient)
  8. Follow up as necessary and adjust accordingly. If the prospect chooses not to move forward in a business relationship, then understand why and try to have you and your team learn from it.
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