Do you use jargon in your business? We’re all guilty of it. Using words like platform, engagement, movement, disruptive, dynamic, bleeding-edge, and leveraging doesn’t help consumers understand–or connect–to your business.

Simplicity, value, and proof are the key to communicating, delighting and inspiring people.

Imagine if Uber described themselves as a “worldwide crowdsourced transportation platform”. Boring. Unemotional.

Uber’s hero message is: “Move the way you want”

Simple. To the point. Concise. Now that they have built a brand based on emotion and value, the “sky” is their limit…

Next up…

Eat the way you want.

Fly the way you want.

Live the way you want.

Watch this video to see what it looked like when we went to the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. and dropped some of our jargon.