Russ Johns

Chief Executive Officer, RussJohns.com

Russ Johns is Speaker, Technology Consultant, and media coach. He’s focused on developing strategy and training organizations about Broadcasting their brand and building active communities. He helps others develop their Strategy for Being Seen, Heard, and Talked About. But he is more than all that. He is connector and he inspires others to be their best.

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Creating crucial conversations and conversions using Dubb

Today’s business environment has dramatically shifted. No matter your sector or who you are trying to sell, you need to learn how to attract and engage versus chase and convince. While this seems straightforward in theory, actually going out there and building relationships can be easier said than done. In this recording from the Dubb […]

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How to Leverage Podcasting, Video Marketing, and LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand

In this webinar, we discussed how to create content, automate your video marketing, and develop a long-term strategy that lifts up your brand and drives recurring revenue with the host of #thepiratesyndicate, Russ Johns, Dubb’s Chief Revenue Officer, Darius Santos, and Dubb’s CEO and Founder, Ruben Dua. About Dubb Convert views into actions with Dubb. […]

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