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Today’s business environment has dramatically shifted. No matter your sector or who you are trying to sell, you need to learn how to attract and engage versus chase and convince. While this seems straightforward in theory, actually going out there and building relationships can be easier said than done.

In this recording from the Dubb Action Summit, you will hear Dubb founder Ruben Dua and Russ Johns share their thoughts on how to turn conversations into conversions. The opportunity is tremendously exciting. If you can build those relationships and create immense value for your audience, you will be much more likely to increase your sales numbers and accomplish your business goals. Among the topics you will hear in this discussion include:

🚀 Why it is critical to building a community around your products and services. Community is a long-lasting asset that can help your business in so many different ways.

🚀 Content is the relationship builder that every organization needs to adopt. By creating stellar content, you get to showcase your knowledge, build stronger relationships with your audience, and get that much closer to making a sale.

🚀 You should prioritize progress over perfection. While it is easy to criticize your shortcoming and avoid creating content, good content is better than perfect content here. By getting in the habit of creating, you will build closer relationships with your audience.

🚀 Don’t hesitate to be kind to others throughout your day. By adopting this “giving first” attitude, you are investing in your long-term success. This is a fantastic conversation for salespeople, marketers, entrepreneurs, or anyone else that wants to create stronger relationships and generate more sales.

Enjoy the conversation!

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now