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Independent Personal stylist & Recruiter

Gentlemen, do you love looking good, but might not enjoy the process OR the time it takes to shop?

Shopping in today’s climate can cause anxiety or overwhelm. Men have unique challenges when it comes to shopping. They usually share that they:

➙Hate to Shop
➙Don’t know what looks good
➙Can’t find clothes that fit right

Here are some shopping tips you can use when looking for clothes:

● Shopping for a suit- Make sure your jacket & trousers are made of the same material. This is what makes a suit. Have a budget set, suits range from $300-$3000. Depending on what you are looking for will depend on the fabric you lean towards, the more you spend the higher the wool content. Now color, start with navy, gray or charcoal, black is not an option, more black tie or for a wedding.

● Don’t shop trends- if you are looking for long-lasting pieces stick with the classics. Stay away from fashion colors, they are not a season-to-season look. All designers will come out with their out version of today’s hot new color. True, men need color in their wardrobes, it’s great to have a POP of color & make it your own.

● Jeans- Your style of jeans depends on your body! Not what is in vogue, skinny, slim, relaxed, or oversized. Oversized or classic jeans are good for those bigger guys, & skinny for the slim gentlemen. Most men should fall into the slim category.

● Utility or Cargo is a category to avoid. Good for mowing the lawn or taking a safari. It has its place and that is it. Though not for your casual weekend wear.

● The Tug- or clothes that are too tight. It is great to work out and be fit and to show off your hard work. Your clothes should accent the work you are doing in the gym. If they are too tight it actually takes away from the hard work that you have done.

● No matter your shape or size you deserve to look good, feel great in clothes that fit. Dress for where you are right now. Remember FIT is key in anything you wear. If you are not wearing clothes that fit you well be uncomfortable, and others will notice how you feel in the clothes.

If you would like to learn more great tips or spring wardrobe trends, let’s chat. Whether or not work together, I promise to offer you some great insight!

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