Lenny Rabin

Vice President of Revenue and Business Development

Lenny Rabin is the Vice President of Revenue at Prodege, LLC leading its Partner User Acquisition business. Since joining Prodege as a Director of Sales, he has a proven track record and climbed the ranks of the organization by launching over 10,000 successful campaigns of all sizes. The scale and build of Prodege’s platform, which Lenny helped design, offers advertisers the opportunity to connect their brands with a unique member base of 120 Million registered members globally. Lenny has always had a hunger for optimization of campaign strategies, coupled with his appetite to experiment with current marketing techniques and their affordances; he has thrived in the digital marketing space for a decade. Lenny operates under the values of loyalty, creativity, hard work, and transparency to execute and deliver for his clients. Some of his most recent accomplishments include launching large scale campaigns for Hulu, Aspirations, Stash Invest, and Gillette to drive new user acquisition. When Lenny is not tending to his clients, you can find him on the tennis court or riding up and down the Southern California coastline.

Leadership & Nature: The Open Road to Mindful Leadership

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Leadership & Nature: The Open Road to Mindful Leadership

We are all trying to become better leaders. This is true whether we are the CEOs of our companiesĀ or are mid-level managers that are trying to best manage a brand new team. Yet while the intention of becoming a better leader is there, the execution is where many of us struggle. Simply put, the old […]

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