Kyle Steele

Senior Account Manager / Amur Equipment Finance

Kyle spent 13 years in leasing fine-tuning my customer service, sales & leadership skills- I brought those all under one umbrella as the owner of SEO Expert. We were founded to help businesses get found online through Search Engine Optimization- a fancy term for “if customers google what you do or your product you show up”.
I received the opportunity of a lifetime to combine all of my skills to help businesses grow here at Amur Equipment Finance and I am loving life!
I can help your company:
1) Get found online
2) Capitalize on that traffic
3) Sell more equipment
4) Capitalize on selling equipment in the age of the digital buyer

If you need any help give me a call at 319-981-2378 & see if there is anything we can partner on to make us all more successful!
Search these # on LinkedIn to see what I have been up to!

Serve cool & enjoy!





You Can't Differentiate Without Being Different

You Can’t Differentiate Without Being Different

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