Joe Pici

Podcast host for Sales Edge podcast

Joe is Ranked #1 In the World as a Sales Trainer/Speaker by Global Gurus


For 30 years Joe Pici and Pici & Pici Inc have offered a results-driven methodology with proven ROI covering the complete sales cycle. This unique program significantly improves closing ratios increasing sales, empowers communication, increases saves and first-call retentions, improves customer satisfaction, enhances team efficiency, reduces turnover, and creates focus and direction for ongoing growth with maximum productivity.

How to Recapture Lost Revenue with Joe Pici

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How to Recapture Lost Revenue

Lost revenue can be incredibly frustrating. A specific sale may be there for the taking, yet for some reason (or reasons), our organization can’t capitalize on that sale. Put together several of these missed opportunities and they can make a real dent in your organization’s top-line. So what can you do? In this clip from […]

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