Duane M. Dufault II

Head Of Sales & Partnership

I’ve spent over a decade in sales. I’ve sold everything from vitamins to toilets to enterprise software into fortune 100 companies. I’ve also been one of the worst producers on a team as well as the top performer. I’ve run small teams, big teams, and remote teams. Want to grow your sales team? Let’s talk and see if you’ve got the right speedometer in place before we talk scale.

RevOps & Unit Economics

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Optimizing your Revenue Operations and Unit Economics

Increased revenue? Yes. That’s a metric sales teams work hard to achieve, but the problem is most sales leaders have a tough time optimizing their pipeline. Why? They haven’t dialed in on RevOps and Unit economics. It’s something that isn’t taught in schools but is key to identifying growth levers. And these days with different […]

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