Optimizing your Revenue Operations and Unit Economics

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Increased revenue?

Yes. That’s a metric sales teams work hard to achieve, but the problem is most sales leaders have a tough time optimizing their pipeline.


They haven’t dialed in on RevOps and Unit economics. It’s something that isn’t taught in schools but is key to identifying growth levers.

And these days with different teams in a company sharing tools and data sources, there’s the need to stay aligned around a single mission. This makes coordination a lot more efficient.

 In this clip from the Dubb Action Summit, Duane Dufault talks about the importance of RevOps and Unit economics as well as actionable tips to impact them for growth.

Duane has spent over a decade in sales and has closed several deals — ranging from enterprise software for fortune companies to consumer products. He’s an expert that has helped several businesses refine their sales process, build their sales team, and scale. 


Whether you are a COO, VP of sales, or recently joined your company’s sales force, you can start applying these tips to drive growth!

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass now