The Facebook lead ad advantage is a fantastic strategy for small and large businesses alike. Whether you are trying to find new prospects or convert a new cohort of users into paying customers, you can easily leverage the power of Facebook to help you accomplish your goals. 

But let’s back up. Before we get into the Facebook lead ad advantage, I want to ask you a series of questions about your experience finding customers on Facebook. 

With your Facebook ads, have you experienced increased acquisition costs? What about decreased conversion rates? Have you been frustrated by the results that you are getting from all of your Facebook content and advertising work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place. The Facebook lead ad advantage can help you tackle these issues and get the most out of your blood, sweat, and tears on Facebook. Best of all, Facebook lead ads can increase your conversion rates by a whopping 400%. Clearly, this is a substantial increase and one that can definitely accelerate your Facebook marketing work. 

To take advantage of this huge rise in conversion rates, you are going to need a pro Dubb account that takes advantage of automations. We’ll get into that later, though. At this point, what is critical to understand is that the Facebook lead ad advantage can be a fantastic addition to your business. Even if you aren’t struggling with Facebook ads, you can capitalize on this strategy to take your Facebook advertising work to the next level. 

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Moving Beyond Traditional Advertising

Chances are that if you have spent any money on Facebook advertising, you have probably been a little frustrated. From a beginner’s perspective, Facebook advertising may not be the most intuitive thing. For starters, you need to distinguish between video ads and image ads, how you can leverage Instagram Stories, what a Lookalike Audience is, and more. It takes some time to get into the swing of things, and once you do, you’ll quickly discover that Facebook ads can become expensive. 

There is a running joke associated with this. Someone may ask you, “Hey, are you tired of paying Mark Zuckerberg more money?” The fact of the matter is that this isn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s fault. Rather, the circumstances imply that we need to have better ad strategies, better conversion metrics, and better ways to nurture our leads. 

The end goal? As you can guess, conversions. While we certainly want to develop strong relationships with all of our customers and prospects, we don’t run non-profits. We work hard to generate sales and hit our personal and company goals. Facebook ads can be a tool to hit those goals, but sometimes we fall short. 

It helps to think about this by looking backward In traditional advertising, what happens is that you start with a creative asset. You have an image, video, or some other type of digital property. From there, the end user or prospect clicks on that asset and then travels to a landing page. All of us at Dubb love landing pages. That said, the reality is that people have to go to the landing page, watch a video, spend a lot of time on that video, and then (hopefully) click on a button or fill out a form. This all takes time. Further, the typical conversion rate from an advertisement to a landing page is 5% to 10%. In most cases, this means your ad isn’t going to offer a satisfactory return on investment. 

Ultimately, there has to be a better way. The awesome news is that you can do so by investing in Facebook lead ads and using Dubb to better target and interact with your audience. 

Digging Into Facebook Lead Ads

The way to supercharge all of this is to use Facebook lead ads. At this point, you may be wondering what Facebook lead ads are. Essentially, Facebook lead ads are a form of advertising that allows you to collect leads directly from Facebook. These ads look very similar to standard Facebook ads, except for the addition of an opt-in form where people can sign up for your offer or contact you.

The main benefit of lead ads for Facebook is that they’re very fast and easy for your audience to use. Instead of clicking through to your website and filling out a form, they can simply fill out the form on Facebook and provide you with their contact information. This makes it much easier to get in touch with those people who are interested in your product, service, or company.

So why is this so effective? Ultimately, through Facebook lead ads, your prospects go to ad form fill in a matter of seconds. Best of all, the form is pre-populated, making it much easier for them to complete the form and for you to gather their information. Creating a Facebook lead ad is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, Facebook makes it easy to create lead ads, and you can learn more by going to your Facebook page.

To further illustrate the power of Facebook lead ads, let’s dig into some of the math. In traditional advertising, you have some sort of creative asset. For instance, it is an image or a video. When your prospect clicks on that image or video, they then visit a landing page. When getting to that landing page, there is only a small percentage chance that they actually complete the call to action. That call to action can be many different things, whether that is booking a call on your calendar, actually making a purchase, or something else. This means that your customer acquisition cost is dependent on the number of clicks that you must spend on that ad. For example, if that cost per click is $5 and it takes 100 clicks to get a conversion, your customer acquisition cost is $500. You can use customer acquisition cost to gauge how expensive it is to find brand new customers. Obviously, the lower the amount, the more efficient that you are being. 

This entire conversation is slightly different with Facebook lead ads. By using Facebook lead ads, you can increase your conversion rates by up to 400%. The key here, however, is nurturing. It is about developing relationships and planting the seeds for a long-term connection. At the same time, you want to get your prospects to the finish line as fast as possible. You are looking for fewer clicks because clicks cost you money. 

So how do you do this? 

At Dubb, we recommend that salespeople and marketers embrace automated video nurturing. This is a massive part of the Dubb experience and a massive part of any connection.

Picture this: you recently published a Facebook lead ad. Along with this, there is a form fill that gets instantly displayed when someone clicks on a button. From there, it gets pre-populated. The beauty is that with Dubb, you can take that lead and import it into an automated workflow. This opens up a world of possibilities for automated workflow sequences (at Dubb, we like to call them “trust sequences”). We’ll get into how you can build an automated workflow in just one second. 

The key here is that you are nurturing your leads with video emails and video SMS messages. Hopefully, by now, you are understanding the power of what this is capable of. 

Just to briefly summarize, video messages allow you to build a deeper relationship with your customers in a way that a text message can’t. Video emails are great ways to connect with new prospects or customers. They are also perfect for your follow-up contacts. You can answer their questions and provide more tips and advice without having to wait for that customer to respond. This allows you to increase the chances of getting more sales because you are being more responsive to your customer’s needs. It also gives you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness.

Video SMS messages are also great for your introductory and follow-up contacts. For instance, you can send them out as a reminder or as a special offer to purchase your product or service. You can use them to promote your company or your products. However you want to advance the prospect or customer relationship, you can easily record a video and send it to that prospect or customer through an SMS message. It is an extremely easy and convenient way to develop strong relationships and generate more sales. 

Video Builds Trust

Building an Automated Workflow in Dubb

To illustrate the power of the Facebook lead ad advantage, I want to spend a few moments speaking about how easy it is to build an automated workflow in Dubb. By tying your Facebook lead ads with your Dubb automated workflows, you can minimize work, build stronger connections with your audience, and hit your sales goals. 

To get this started, you will want to go into your Dubb account. From there, set up your triggers based on a tag. These tags will get automatically imported within your Facebook lead ads. Your tags can be virtually anything. When you are creating video content or adding a contact to Dubb, make sure that you are adding tags. It can make your life significantly easier when you are implementing this strategy. 

After you have done this, you will want to build your workflow sequences. Workflows are a series of actions that your marketing automation software can perform automatically when certain conditions are met. Picture a sequence of emails and SMS messages that get sent out to the leads that you generated from your advertisements. The great news is that you can make your automated workflows as simple or as complicated as you’d like. Your workflows can have one trigger and one branch or it can have many triggers and many branches. The choice is completely up to you and how you want to structure your interactions with your prospects and customers.

It’s important to recognize, however, that complex automated workflows aren’t necessarily “better” than simple workflows. You don’t need to spend hours and hours constructing the most complex workflow that you can. By making them overly complex, you may actually make your prospects more confused.  Instead, think about making the time to create a simple but effective workflow that can really engage your prospects.

No matter what you choose, recognize that these workflows are all about value. They are all about nurturing and continuing to make connections with people. By doing this, you will be building greater, long-term relationships and driving up your conversion rates. To put it another way, trust drives conversions, so keep this in mind as you are building your automated workflows. 

By following these tips, you can make your ads automated and actionable. This is true whether you have a limited Facebook lead ads budget or you have significantly more resources to work with. Facebook lead ads and Dubb automated workflows are a killer combination that can be massively accretive to you and your business. 

What You Get Out of This

At this point, you may be asking what you actually get out of this. After all, you have invested some amount of time learning about Facebook lead ads and learning how to get the most out of Dubb. Tying them together may seem like an intuitive thing, but it is important to understand the many benefits before you actually go forward and do the work.  

Let’s back up for one second. Ultimately, everyone in advertising is trying to decrease their customer acquisition costs, increase their lifetime value, and get more referrals out of the entire process. Making your ads actionable like this will make them more efficient, more scalable, and more economical. In other words, by embracing the Facebook lead ad advantage, you can grow your top and bottom lines while building excellent relationships with your prospects, customers, and audience members. 

This latter point is especially relevant. The important thing here is that we are building community. We are inviting everyone in, no matter where they are in the buying cycle. Think about how powerful that is. No matter where people are in the buying cycle, the Facebook lead ad advantage lets you have the ability to make a connection with them. Not only that, but you can build a community and continue providing value. Even after the sale, you can continue making their lives better, whether that is showing them how to better use your product or service, sharing an entertaining or funny video with them, or something else. This is especially powerful and helps you generate significant revenue from individuals that are already on your customer list. 

Ultimately, there are three stages of the buying process. Those stages are awareness, consideration, and decision. With this strategy, no matter where people are in the process, you can bring them into your community and nurture them to the point that they are ready to convert. That is good for business and is something that you should keep in mind as you are leveraging the Facebook lead ad advantage.  

With all of that said, let’s do a quick temperature check here. When we are thinking about growth, we need to think about branding, marketing, and sales. Branding is about how people feel when they think about you and your company. The marketing is getting them to take action. Finally, sales (our favorite part) is all about getting them to convert. All three of these things are extremely powerful. As you connect with your prospects, you should definitely keep all three of them in mind. If your prospects are ready to buy, they can certainly do so. But if they aren’t quite ready, you can make them feel good with your branding and give them more options to learn more about you. Then, once they are ready to buy, they can confidently go forth and make a purchase. 

In sum, there are plenty of takeaway benefits of the Facebook lead ad advantage. That said, there are three that are particularly stark.

First, the Facebook lead ad advantage will shorten your sales cycles. The Facebook lead ad advantage is there so that you can gather leads without having to direct your audience to a landing page. Since people can sign up for your offer without leaving Facebook, they’re more likely to do it. All of this makes you and your customers’ life easier. For your customers, they can take one fewer step to get in touch with your business and learn more about your product or service. For you and your colleagues, you can more quickly find interested prospects. Instead of cold calling or relying on mass prospecting techniques, you can rely on Facebook and Dubb to become more efficient and generate more sales. 

Next, you will get massively increased conversions. We all want more conversions, yet in many cases, it is easier said than done. With the Facebook lead advantage, you will start to see an increase in conversions over time. You will be targeting interested prospects and will be using the power of automation to nurture and develop those relationships. While it may take some time to play out, the increase in conversions will help you accomplish your sales goals. 

Last (but not least), you will get more referrals. This is because your prospects and customers are going to be so delighted with this whole experience. They are going to want to tell everyone about it. They are going to tell you about the referrals. The benefit is mutual. They get to feel good about referring their friends and you get to feel good about getting more referrals. 

Important side note here: when you are searching for referrals, make sure that you use the “reply with video” call to action below all of your Dubb videos. This way, if a customer is interested in making a testimonial video for you, they can simply click on the reply with video button, record their video, and then send it to you. It is a fantastic and easy way to get referrals and build valuable social proof. 

Reply With Video

Going Forward From Here

The Facebook lead ad advantage can certainly move the needle for your business. It can help you find warm, interested prospects and easily move them down your trust funnels. Even if you are already satisfied with your Facebook ad work, I encourage you to implement this strategy. It can both save you time and help you reach those sales goals that you are constantly trying to reach. And if you haven’t used Facebook ads yet? Don’t hesitate to start with this strategy. Give it a try and see how things turn out. 

If you would like to get started with the Facebook lead ad advantage, you will need to take just a few simple steps. First, go to the Dubb Marketplace (you can do so by clicking here). Once you are there, you will see an integration to Facebook lead ads. Click on that and configure your Facebook account. When you are doing this, make sure that you specify some tags. Doing this, you take advantage of a significant advantage here. When you import leads, you can then trigger automated workflows.

As a reminder, make sure that you have a Dubb Pro Plus account or the automation add-on. By having either, you can start to create trust sequences on Dubb. These are the email and SMS message drip sequences that help you connect with people after they have filled out the Facebook lead ad form. 

Ultimately, this method is money in the bank. It is a big part of our growth story and I am confident that it can be part of your organization’s growth story, too. I encourage you to get started with this, whether that means opening up a Facebook page for your business or linking together your Facebook page with your Dubb account. Any small step in this direction is an extremely positive one, so make sure to take action today.

If you would like to learn more about Dubb and how it can help you leverage the Facebook lead ad advantage, go ahead and click here. We also invite you to contact us. Click here to reach out and click here for a free 14-day trial of our premium plans.

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