If you have been following the podcast for some time, you know that we love stories. As humans, we are wired for stories. For thousands of years, humans have been gathering around literal and metaphorical campfires to exchange stories. Even though we have come a long way from those moments around the fire, storytelling has become an even more critical way to build human connections. Whether you are trying to generate buzz for your business or simply obtain more influence in your sector or industry, you can rely on storytelling to get the job.

To learn more about why storytelling is the key to influence and developing an audience online, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Kellye Whitney. Kellye is the founder of a boutique media consulting and content development company called Kellye Media. Kellye is also a career writer and editor. She relies on her journalism skills to not only tell great stories herself but help her clients tell great stories on the Internet.

In this episode of Connection Loop, you will hear Kellye and Ruben discuss many different topics. Those topics include Kellye’s origin story, whether the influencer market is dying, how you can be like Kellye and get 90,000 followers on LinkedIn, the importance of a content calendar (and how to create one), and why it is so important to read the room and adapt your messaging to your audience. It’s a terrific conversation for novice and master storytellers alike.

Want to learn more from Kellye about storytelling and how it is the key to influence and online audience development?

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