While the word disruption is constantly used in the tech and startup world, the simple fact is that we are living in an era of disruption. Startups and other upstarts are constantly looking for ways to upend incumbents. Some of these companies won’t succeed, but others will. Whether you are looking to disrupt an incumbent or want to prevent others from disrupting you, disruption is something that you can’t ignore.

One effective way to leverage disruption or prevent the power of disruption is through OceanBlue leadership. OceanBlue leadership, at its core, enables leaders and teams to navigate disruption. To learn more about OceanBlue leadership and disruption itself, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Shakeel Bharmal. Shakeel is a speaker, coach, and facilitator. He has a long and respected career across multiple industries, making him a terrific person to speak with about business disruption.

In his conversation with Ruben, Shakeel touches on topics like his origin story, why he transformed from a management consultant into a career coach, the power of OceanBlue in navigating disruption, why coaching can offer benefits for nearly everyone, and why we are wired for continuous improvement. Shakeel has a wealth of insights that are valuable for every type of business.

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