Whether you are trying to stay in touch with your customers or trying to build your company’s social media profile, you’ll definitely want to leverage the power of video. Video allows you to build real, human connections through authentic storytelling. Yet while the benefits of video are clearly evident, the actual act of creating and editing video can be intimidating. Luckily, however, you can simply use your smartphone to create awesome and compelling business videos.

To learn more about using your smartphone to jumpstart your video production, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Pelpina Trip. Pelpina is a video expert. Having started in the television industry, Pelpina transitioned into a video podcaster. She now helps companies, organizations, and individuals that want to make videos with purpose.

Topics discussed in this episode of Connection Loop include Pelpina’s backstory, her transition from big-budget content creation to making high-quality content on her smartphone, why it’s okay to make mistakes, fighting imposter syndrome, dealing with negative comments and lower follower counts than you’d want, and video editing apps that can make your life much easier. Whether you are a new content creator or have been editing videos for some time, there’s plenty that you’ll get out of this conversation.

Want to learn more from Pelpina about how to jumpstart your video production with your smartphone?

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