LinkedIn is one of our favorite social media networks. It has transformed itself from primarily a job-seeking website to one where anyone can follow intellectual heavyweights and build their personal brand. It is a terrific hub for individuals and companies alike to connect with others and find new opportunities.

To learn more about how we can leverage all of the benefits of LinkedIn (including monetization opportunities), we were happy to speak with Christine Teh for this episode of Connection Loop. Christine is a personal finance and Certified Money Coach in the Bay Area. Along with helping working professionals get their finances in order, Christine is a master LinkedIn user. She has 50,000 connections and uses her platform to provide real value to her audience.

In her conversation with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Christine shares many tips on how to build an audience on LinkedIn, including how she amassed such a large following on LinkedIn, the dangers of over tagging, how you should handle and leverage LinkedIn direct messages, how we can maximize our reach with our LinkedIn posts, and the importance of thoughtful comments when building organic relationships on the platform. By following Christine’s insights, you’ll definitely increase your chances of expanding your network and forming real relationships on LinkedIn.

Want to learn more from Christine about how you can grow your LinkedIn follower count and monetize your LinkedIn audience?

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