In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sits down with Julie Hruska to discuss how we can all create successful habits. By being diligent about habit formation and sticking with those habits, we can create the lives that we have always envisioned. Some of the insights that you’ll hear in this episode include the following:
  • It’s easy to think about career goals and personal goals being separate, but everything is intertwined. It is all encompassed in one life. Because of this, individuals looking to improve their lives and build great habits need to take a broader approach.
  • It is important to take some time and truly think about your purpose in life. Whatever that purpose is, keep it at the top of your mind. It can be your north star when you are going through tough moments.
  • Starting from a grounded place of clarity can make it much easier to build those strong habits and accomplish your goals.
  • Limiting beliefs can be some of the most perilous obstacles on the way to reaching your goals. Identifying them and working to overcome them can be a long process, but it is an essential part of the process.
  • Write down three of your most important goals. The actual act of writing them down will increase your chances of actually reaching those goals.

This is a great episode for anyone who is looking to level up and get much closer to the life they want to live. Ultimately, go ahead and implement these insights today!

Julie Hruska is an elite high-performance coach. She is the creator and visionary of a company called Powerful Leaders. Essentially, Julie works with her clients to help them gain clarity, increase their productivity, and create lives that they love. Through certified coaching, she takes a holistic approach toward her clients’ lives and determines where there is room for improvement.

Want to learn more from Julie about creating successful habits and a life that you love?

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