We are proud to announce several updates to the Dubb Platform including expanded mail sending capabilities, UX/UI design updates, custom video background, SRT video captions, automation capabilities, and an updated affiliate program.

Read below for more details.

Email Sending Updates

First up, is upgrades to the email sending options. You can now send emails directly through. This will streamline your workflow by allowing you to send personalized 1-1 video messages directly from the video page, contact list page, and contact profile page.

The Contacts Page:

Contact page email sender

The Video Page:

video page email sender

UX Updates

We have also made a number of improvements to our UX/UI including our social widget, tutorial, forms, data sections, homepage, and more. The clickthrough tutorial no longer auto launches after signing up. Now users can launch the tutorial on demand by clicking the link in the left navigation.

UX updates

Custom Background Upload

Instead of having to choose from one of our images from the extensive library, you can now upload your very own custom background image for your video pages. Please note: images must be 1280×720 pixels… Don’t forget to save and save as default if you want that image to appear on all video pages.

Custom Background image

SRT Captions

You can now upload your own SRT caption files to add subtitle captions to your Dubb videos.

There are many resources you can use to generate SRT files, including Youtube or rev.com. (YouTube is free!)

SRT file upload

Affiliate Program Update

As part of the Dubb affiliate program, we now offer 100% commission of the first month for monthly subscriptions and 10% for annual subscriptions for referrals.
Your friends get discounts and you get commissions!

affiliate sharing options

If you don’t already have an account, sign up for free at dubb.com.