Have you been searching for the best video marketing platform to reach your sales and marketing goals? If so, you are definitely asking a great question.

Video marketing platforms are some of the most important tools for marketers and sales professionals to grow their businesses. Whether you are the CMO of a large tech company or an entrepreneur who is getting your startup off the ground, video marketing platforms can be huge assets in your marketing and sales toolkits.

But with that said, what is the best video marketing platform? While opinions may differ on this question, I believe that Dubb is a fantastic choice. Granted, I may be biased here, but Dubb offers so many features and tools that can help you with much of your marketing and sales work. 

In this post, I want to talk about some features that you find on the best video marketing platform. We are going to discuss everything from video landing pages to granular data and analytics for each of your videos. Even if you are considering a video marketing platform besides Dubb, I encourage you to keep these features and attributes in mind. Selecting a video marketing platform with these features can save you time and get you much closer to your business goals.

Table of Contents

What Are Video Marketing Platforms?

Why Video Marketing Platforms Are Powerful

Some Key Features of the Best Video Marketing Platforms

Making Your Decision

What Are Video Marketing Platforms?

To kick this conversation off, I want to start from a high level. It’s important that we are on the same page as we discuss what separates certain video marketing platforms from others.

Ultimately, video marketing platforms are tools that help you create and distribute virtually every type of business video. Using them, you can do everything from making beautiful sales and marketing videos to distributing them to your favorite social media channels.

In effect, you can think of them as one-stop shops for your video sales and marketing work. Whether you are trying to introduce your product or service to new leads or convince an extremely warm prospect to become a paying customer, video marketing platforms streamline your workflow. You can become much more efficient so that you can spend your valuable time working on things that truly matter.

Let me give one example. Let’s say that you created a stellar marketing video for brand new leads. You want to easily get that marketing video in front of those leads, yet you want to do so across various channels (like email and your social media channels). A video marketing platform makes this process extremely easy. All you need to do is upload your video, set up your distribution destinations and channels, and click submit. It’s that easy. 

There are plenty of other use cases here. As you start using video marketing platforms, you will quickly see how much value that they add. And if you are using one of the best video marketing platforms? Your productivity and efficiency will skyrocket. You’ll quickly discover that you are getting more done and are building closer relationships with members of your audience.

Why Video Marketing Platforms Are Powerful

So with this basic understanding behind us, let’s talk about why some of the best video marketing platforms are so powerful. There are plenty of reasons why, but there are a few that stick out.

Screenshot of a Dubb video landing page

First, video marketing platforms help you build strong relationships with any type of audience. Whether you are selling a product or service, it is critical to build long-term relationships with your prospects and customers. After all, one of the most efficient things that you can do is to convert your prospects and customers and then continue selling to those same customers

It is easier said than done, but the best video marketing platforms can help you with this. Whether you are sharing an informative video about your sector or industry or are simply following up with a customer after their purchase, video marketing platforms make it easy to build and strengthen your relationships. You don’t have to trust me: you can see it for yourself after several weeks or months. 

Beyond that, video marketing platforms can help you build your brand equity. Whether you started a startup or work for a much larger company, video marketing platforms make it really easy for all types of people to learn about your organization. All you need to do is create compelling content, distribute it through your video marketing platform, and then continue engaging with your audience members and fans. 

In today’s day and age, having a strong brand can mean the difference between success and failure. And even if you sell the best product or service, not having a strong brand can mean that your business is less successful than it should be. Video marketing platforms can be essential tools as you work to spread awareness about your company and build a strong brand.

Finally, as I referenced above, the best video marketing platforms can make you more efficient. If you want to leverage everything that video marketing has to offer, you need to wear many hats. You must not only create awesome video content, but you must share that content with your audience members. You must also analyze the data that you receive and leverage tools like AI to multiply your output.

As you can guess, the best video marketing platforms can help you with these tasks. They can be one-stop shops as you work to hit all of your video marketing goals. From creation and editing to distribution and analytics, the best video marketing platforms keep all of these tasks in one place. It helps you stay focused on accomplishing your marketing goals. Pretty great, right?

Some Key Features of the Best Video Marketing Platforms

The best video marketing platforms make your life easier. They allow you to focus on the things that truly matter and delegate the things that can be easily delegated away. 

At the same time, selecting the best video marketing platform for you is critical. Not all video marketing platforms are created alike. Many of them have the most critical features, but some of them may have extremely helpful features that others may not.

In the end, the best video marketing platform for you requires some experimentation. You’re going to want to try several different platforms to see what is best for you. As you are trying them, however, I encourage you to look for the following features and tools. They can help you speed up your work and accomplish your marketing and sales goals.

Versatile Creation Tools

Let’s kick this off by talking about actually creating your marketing videos. It’s critical for you to know your audience and what they find valuable. It’s obvious but worth repeating: if you are creating content that doesn’t resonate with your audience, you are going to find it hard (probably impossible) to generate more conversions. 

But assuming that you have some ideas about valuable content for your specified audience, you are going to need to actually create that content. The best video marketing platforms make this extremely easy. Even if you don’t have much experience creating digital content, they give you the tools that you need to create beautiful marketing videos.

With Dubb, for instance, you can create your marketing videos in all different kinds of ways. By downloading the Dubb desktop app, you can make beautiful marketing videos with your device’s webcam. The Dubb Chrome extension goes one step further and lets you easily create screen recordings from your device. Screen recordings are especially valuable if you want to show off a digital product or provide a walkthrough for a customer or lead. Finally, the Dubb mobile app is a fantastic way to create marketing content wherever you are. Whether you are at a networking event, driving to work, or are in the middle of a team meeting, the Dubb mobile app is an extremely valuable content creation tool.

Essentially, what you want from a video marketing platform is a way to create amazing video content wherever you are. Whether you use Dubb’s suite of creation tools or something else, make sure you are identifying video marketing platforms that give you the flexibility you expect. In other words, the best video marketing platforms can help you achieve creative nirvana. By using them, you can create compelling content that your audience members will love. 

Video Landing Pages

Video landing pages are essential features for the best video marketing platforms. They are so important because they help take your audience members from interested prospects to paying customers.


But let’s take one step back. If you haven’t yet heard of them, video landing pages are central homes for all of your marketing videos. Not only do those video landing pages host the videos that your audience will view, but they also include other features that make it much more likely that they will become paying customers.

The most important part of video landing pages are call to action buttons. Essentially, these are tools that can help lead your viewers down your sales and marketing funnels. They make your videos actionable

Just think about it: when you are watching a video on YouTube or some other platform, you likely watch the video and then move on with your life. You may watch another YouTube video or you may go back to work. Whatever the case may be, the point is that you will probably forget about the video later that day and not deepen the relationships that you may have with the creator or company.

A video landing page avoids this scenario. It is powerful because it was designed to help you reach your sales and marketing goals. These call to action buttons let your viewers interact with your video content in so many different ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Book a call: The best video marketing platforms let your viewers easily book a call with you on your video landing pages. They let you embed your calendar on the page so that viewers can quickly book a call with you at an available time. Instead of going back and forth with scheduling, your viewer can handle everything. 
  • Complete a form: This is a great call to action option for those viewers at the top of your sales and marketing funnels. You can ask them to complete a simple form with fields of your choosing. You can ask for the viewer’s name, email address, phone number, and so much more.
  • Reply with video: This is one of my favorite call to action options. You can include a button below your video that lets your viewer reply with a video of their own. This makes it both easier for the viewer to respond to your video and presents a great opportunity to collect testimonial videos. I highly recommend that you include this call to action option below all of your videos.
  • Visit a link: This is a versatile call to action option. You can use it to direct the viewer to virtually any website that you want. This can be everything from industry reports to specific marketing material on your website. The choice is yours. 
  • Communicate via Facebook Messenger: Sometimes, your viewers may not want to specifically share their phone number and/or email with your organization. If that’s the case, you may want to offer a chance to chat over Facebook Messenger. It may not be your most popular call to action button, but it’s an option that some of your viewers may appreciate. 
  • Make a purchase: Finally, this is one of those call to action options that all salespeople and marketers prefer. Using a tool like Dubb, you can include a call to action option that quickly leads a viewer to a purchase page. You’ll most likely see positive traction here for viewers at the bottom of your sales and marketing funnels, but you never truly know who is going to make a purchase. Ultimately, including this call to action option can be a good idea.

These are only a few call to action options that you can find on the best video marketing platforms. Whatever you choose, recognize that call to action buttons are extremely powerful attributes on your video landing pages. 

The great news? Using a tool like Dubb, you get video landing pages for free. You can customize your video landing pages to appear however you’d like (including your company’s logo, colors, and other branding attributes). And by leveraging defaults, your video landing pages can look exactly the way you want—including your preferred call to action options. 


One of the best things about video marketing platforms is that you can easily distribute your videos to virtually any type of audience. Whether you want to do so over SMS, email, social media channels, or a combination of the above, the best video marketing platforms give you the power to do so.

Sample of a workflow automation on the Dubb platform

With that said, I want to mention one specific benefit of the best video marketing platforms. Distribution is something that is central to any great video sales and marketing strategy, yet you may not have the time to actively manage the distribution of every single one of your videos. This is especially true if you are sending multiple videos to multiple different audience members. It can be a full time job to ensure that every video is getting where it needs to go. 

This is where automation can step in. The best video marketing platforms make it really easy to automatically send your videos where you want. 

For instance, they let you create drip sequences that can send videos based on users’ behavior. Let’s say that you created an introductory video about your product or service and then a more detailed version of that video that specifically addresses prospects’ questions. What you can do is create a drip sequence that automatically sends the second video after a specific person watches all (or nearly all) of the first video.

Behind the scenes, what is happening is that your video marketing platform is automatically gauging how your viewers are responding to your messages and videos. From there, it can judge how to best interact with those specific viewers. And now, with increasingly advanced artificial intelligence, you and your team can create even more effective automations that best engage with your audience.

I’m not saying you need to create the most elaborate drip sequences and automations imaginable. If you want to do so, there is no stopping you. However, you don’t need to do this to get substantial benefits from automation. 

No matter which video marketing platform you choose, I recommend that you automate at least some of your distribution. It will save you time and help you focus on the things that truly matter.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

As you likely know, we are already living in a world that is leveraging the power of AI. The technology keeps getting better and better, whether you are using it in your personal or professional life. The best video marketing platforms are already using AI tools to help people create and distribute their videos.

Using Dubb's IRA feature to generate an article draft

We already discussed how AI tools can be used in automating your outreach and distribution. With that said, I think the more exciting application right now is in copywriting and scriptwriting. AI is already great at idea generation and creating a first draft of blog posts and scripts. The operative phrase here, however, is first draft. No matter how advanced your AI tool is, you’re going to want to review the copy and add your voice. It’s a critical step that will make your copy better reflect your thoughts and appeal to your audience.

At Dubb, we are proud to offer several different AI tools to help our sales and marketing professionals make video content. IRA, for instance, is an AI writing assistant that can help you quickly develop copy. It was specifically designed for salespeople and marketers, so you will find that it helps you generate more conversions. Once you have the copy (and have reviewed it to add your voice), you can quickly publish it to your social channels. The same is true of scriptwriting. If you are creating a new marketing video yet are having trouble generating a script, IRA can do it for you.

Along with IRA, Dubb offers a real-time AI assistant called CAIRA. CAIRA is focused on helping you improve your communication skills. Once you upload a video to Dubb, CAIRA gets to work, analyzing your clarity, professionalism, and even enthusiasm. Once you have this data, you can analyze it and improve your communication in future marketing videos. Because sales and marketing videos can be so personal, taking this data and implementing it can make you a much better communicator.

So when you are looking for a video marketing platform, try to find one that is already leveraging the power of AI. The technology is already impressive and it is going to get even more impressive. The time to begin using this technology is right now. 

Detailed Analytics

Finally, let’s talk about analytics. One of the best things about creating any type of content online is that you get lots of data about that content. If it’s a blog, you can get data like the number of views. The same is true of video. You can get data like the number of views, the average percentage of the video watched, and more.


This is valuable data because you can use it to see what your audience likes and what your audience does not like. With that information in hand, you can create content that better appeals to your specific audience members. Granted, it isn’t the only way to determine what your audience wants, but it’s a good way to see how your audience members are actually behaving.

Because of this, the best video marketing platforms offer detailed analytics for their users. Not only do they give a broader look at how videos are performing, but they also give a granular look at how individual prospects are reacting to certain videos. This zoomed out and zoomed in approach can help you understand where to direct your attention and how to best appeal to your audience members.

If you end up using Dubb for your video marketing needs, you will find that the Dubb platform offers a wealth of data and analytics to analyze. For every single one of your Dubb videos, you get both macro and micro data. You can see how your audience is reacting (through the total number of watches, the percentage of video viewed, and other KPIs). Not only that, you can see how individual prospects reacted. You can see whether they completed the video, whether they clicked on any of the video’s call to action buttons, and more. This is really powerful data that you can use to convert leads and prospects into paying customers.

Years ago, a famous publication said data is the new oil. There’s lots of evidence backing up this thesis. If you have the data to understand what your audience wants and how your audience is reacting, you are in a fantastic position to accomplish your business goals. Because of this, make sure that you select a video marketing platform that provides this type of data. 

Making Your Decision

While there are plenty of video marketing platforms out there, there are some that rise above the rest. The best video marketing platforms make it easy to create, distribute, and analyze your videos. Above all else, they keep marketers at the top of their minds. They understand that marketers aren’t just creating content for the sake of creating content. They want to generate sales. Consequently, they have designed features (and their platforms as a whole) to help users accomplish that mission. 


I hope you keep this in mind as you make your choice. Video marketing platforms aren’t created alike and it’s worth your time to complete some due diligence. By doing this, you will make the best choice for you and your company.

Finally, I encourage you to check out Dubb. We have built Dubb to help marketers like you and are confident that you’ll find value in our platform. To learn more about Dubb, click here. You can also click here to get a free 14-day trial of our premium plans.