Shawn Finder

Chief Executive Officer, Autoklose

Shawn Finder is Co-Founder, CEO of Autoklose, Keynote Speaking, Bringing ideas to life. He founded a list-building company Exchange Leads in 2013, He orders to help salespeople build quality lists for reaching out to new prospects. He parlayed Exchange Leads into his second startup called Autoklose, which is a new, revolutionary sales automation platform used by thousands of sales professionals around the world to help them save both their time and money. He used his sales strategies over the years to fill sales rep’s calendars with an average of 38 meetings a week, bring ExchangeLeads from 0 to Breakeven in 5.5 months, and Increase his clients by over 300% month over month.

My Sessions

Why your Lack of Follow Ups is Killing Your Sales Funnel

Businesses both large and small can increase their conversion rates by optimizing their sales funnels. From the moment they first make contacts with prospects to when those prospects become paying customers, sales professionals must pay close attention to every part of their sales funnel. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many businesses fail to properly […]

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