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Best-Selling Author, speaker, sales trainer, and branding consultant Rick Barrera is a seasoned expert in helping businesses of all sizes connect more deeply with their most important customers and prospective customers by crafting and managing their most important conversations.

Author of Wall Street Journal and Business Week best-selling business book “Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences.” Rick’s powerful track record includes sales training, sales consulting, customer service training, revenue generation, branding, and aligning Critical Customer TouchPoints with a clearly articulated Overpromise to drive profitability.

Rick’s proven strategies help Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs maximize revenue and accelerate company growth by:

• Attracting the right customers to the enterprise
• Deepening company relationships with key customers and potential customers
• Aligning marketing and sales goals around one clear, compelling, central message
• Integrating and implementing the company brand throughout sales, marketing, customer
service and operations
• Taking companies from good to market dominance by asking the questions most businesses
don’t know to ask
• Developing effective solutions to boost revenue while lowering marketing costs
• Helping companies to move from one-off transactions to powerful, leveraged relationships with
their customers.

Collaborative Selling with Rick Barrera

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Collaborative Selling with Rick Barrera

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