Philip Lakin

Founder/CEO, Propulsion Lab

Phillip Lakin is an enthusiastic solutions architect with over eight years of experience in internal system implementation, field marketing, and onboarding.

By day, he is a solutions architect, national operations at Compass, which is a real estate platform that facilitates the search and sales experience. By night, Phillip is the founder and CEO of Propulsion Lab, which empowers B2B SaaS startups and established companies to propel each other to new heights.

Ultimately, Phillip specializes in amplifying company initiatives by utilizing a creative combination of human and digital interactions.

My Sessions

The Future of B2B Sales Outreach

Whether you just started a startup or have been managing a large business for some time, you cannot avoid B2B sales outreach. With the business world as competitive as it is, you need to constantly be searching for opportunities to find new customers and keep current customers. Having said this, some tactics are much more […]

Business Sales webinar