Paul Fioravanti, MBA, MPA

CEO & Senior Managing Partner

Paul Fioravanti, MBA, MPA is a proven operations executive, CEO, and turnaround expert.

Recent transformations include the restructuring of a $350MM revenue global pharma contract manufacturing company as CEO, boosting EBITDA by $32MM, and other projects in the middle market across a wide range of industries.

Paul has led growth and change in various stage businesses – in startups, with capital raise, by turnaround and exit. He has extensive experience in corporate renewal, restructuring and strategic transformation, and is known for optimizing service quality, production accuracy, generating improved financial and operating results, and driving EBITDA and improved KPI’s.

Experience in myriad industries including manufacturing, healthcare, pharma/biotech, automotive, aerospace, marine, defense, IT, retail, e-commerce, energy/smart grid/telecommunications/infrastructure services, transportation, and logistics, as well as informing beneficial strategic alliances and partnerships.

Paul is well versed in a variety of business strategies and creates and executes tactical plans to dramatically improve the results of an organization, either as a C-level leader or as a key advisor or board member.

Qorval specializes in:

-Management Consulting and Advisory
-Interim/Transformational CEO Leadership
-Turnaround and Restructuring
-Financial and Operational Optimization
-EBITDA and KPI Improvement
-Private Equity, Operational Management
-Chief Restructuring Officer and Trustee Services







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