Ofir Zan

VP, Global Sales

Although Sales is in my blood I actually started as an engineer, writing code & algorithms for the first 7 years of my working life. Thankfully, I stumbled into entrepreneurship where I co-founded two tech companies in the emerging technology domain and was then fortunate to have the strength and foresight to follow my gut and pivot my direction, choosing instead, a career in professional sales. The transition has enabled professional growth. Surrounded by construction experts, working with passionate individuals, and as a team, we help General Contractors around the world to better manage construction sites in real-time.

The best leaders are also people developers. I’m lucky to work with top-notch, frontline sales experts with broad communication, problem-solving, and management experience. It’s the benefits we bring to companies that drive me forward and confirm I was right to change my path.

• The ability to persuade people
• Building high performing sales teams
• Sales strategy and execution
• Coaching B2B sales reps
• Leading from the front
• Communication
• Relationships building
• Decision-making under uncertainty
• Fundraising and non-profit organizations

Building a High Performing Sales Team with Ofir Zan

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Building a High Performing Sales Team with Ofir Zan

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