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Nina Froriep enables business coaches to grow their businesses with consistent and easy-to-implement video content through one-on-one coaching and peer learning. Nina has been in TV, film, and video production her entire life. She’s seen it all from the early days on independent features, to big national TV commercials, corporate mega-shows, and (Emmy award-winning) documentary films, including one she produced and directed, called Abraham’s Children. Along the journey, she met many, many awesomely wonderful people and a few badasses. Nina has negotiated with teamsters, clients, actors, crew, children, police officers, a few dogs, and one snake. All of them worth great stories. She loves spending time outside, especially in the Swiss alps where she’s from. Nina’s owner is a Dachshund-Yorkie-mix, called Tigger.


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Video Marketing that Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Video Marketing that Attracts Your Ideal Clients

In this video from the Dubb Action Summit, Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua, Dubb Creative Director Shannon Leonard, and Nina Froriep talk about how you can convert with video. Nina is a visual storyteller, video democratizer, and forward thinker. She has been a filmmaker for over 30 years and has recently embraced the video […]

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Demystifying Video Marketing

In this webinar, you should expect to walk away with a simple, yet tactical approach to leverage video marketing for any sized company. This webinar is co-hosted by Nina Froriep, a video marketing expert, Ruben Dua, the Founder of Dubb, and Darius Santos, the Chief Revenue Officer of Dubb. About Dubb Convert views into actions […]

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