Nadene Joy

CEO and Founder

What does Nadene do and who does she help?

Helping business professionals that are stuck, a Global Mindset Strategist, CEO, visionary, the Chair/Founder of The Global Lead 2 Impact Summit, and the author of “Uncover Your Purpose: Heal and Share Your Gifts With The World” and co-author of the international best selling book “Cracking The Rich Code” by Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington the original star of the hit TV show Shark Tank. Nadene Joy is an expert in her field and has worked with top leaders, including John Maxwell and Gary Coxe, an expert on Dr. Phil’s show The Doctors just to name a few. She has also radically transformed thousands of lives globally in almost every country of the world to date. Nadene Joy is a “true one of a kind visionary” and has the unique God-given gift of pinpointing and healing “blocks” from negative past experiences and traumas that you may have in your life and may be keeping you stuck experiencing life and business success you desire.

Nadene Joy also sits as a Director on the Board of MayBell Developments: an organization combating homelessness and ICF: as Communications Director. She is also the Chair and Founder of the Global Event “Lead 2 Impact.” Nadene Joy is also extremely passionate about educating and empowering children as they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

How does Nadene work?
Private Clients Consulting – Work 1:1 anywhere in the world




Authentic Leadership Strategies to Build Trust and Human Connections In Business and Life

Authentic Leadership Strategies to Build Trust and Human Connections In Business and Life

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