Meridith Elliott Powell

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Research shows that we would rather know something bad is going to happen rather than live with uncertainty. What’s your response to these uncertain times?

Now think about that . . . What if you could flip the script? 🤔

Success in today’s marketplace requires a new set of skills, a new strategy, and a new methodology. I’m convinced, the unknown can be the engine that propels your business forward, drives innovation, and creates new opportunities for greatness.

Like you, I’m sure, I kicked off 2020 believing that it would be my best year ever. I finished out the end of February exceeding my best two months of any previous year.

🗓️ My calendar was packed. One week later, everything changed.

It was the week of March 7. I got the call that my next speaking engagement was going virtual. I flew home, sat in front of my computer, and watched every event on my calendar cancel.

😨 I freaked out.

I had a decision to make. Was I going to implement the steps that I had spoken and written about? Or was I going to sell everything I own to make ends meet?

🏹 I took action.

I practiced what I preached. By June 1, my business began turning around. By September, I was back on track.

🏃‍♀‍ The good news is you can thrive!

What if you could use today’s unpredictability to drive your organization’s growth?

➡️ It’s Time to Lean into Uncertainty

In my search to discover how uncertainty impacts business growth, I developed my powerful 9 Step Formula for Thriving in Uncertainty™.

I want you to apply this methodology to your business, so you can get on track to have your best year yet!

🎯 Get started now! Visit meridithelliottpowell.com and take our Thrive Indicator Quiz to see where you are making the right moves.

🔎 You will discover powerful ideas to push through obstacles and turn uncertainty into your opportunity!

Specialties: Business Growth Strategy | Sales Futurist

THRIVE: Strategies To Turn Uncertainty To Your Competitive Advantage

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THRIVE: Strategies To Turn Uncertainty To Your Competitive Advantage

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