Julian Sado

Chief Employee Ambassador/Speaker, Pivot2Change LLC

Julian Sado is National keynote speaker, consultant, and business and life coach; known for being a “Change Agent” who has empowered thousands of people to improve their lifestyles by raising the awareness on how to pivot the subconscious stories that inhibit change. As the owner of Pivot 2 Change, LLC, he is licensed behavioral coach and N.L.P practitioner.

He continues to guide individuals toward a better future through his life-transforming seminars, coaching, and consulting. He has rapidly gained popularity for providing unique, interactive seminars using several sciences, not limited to neuroscience, N.L.P, and emotional intelligence. Combining these different areas of sciences, he has developed his own science-like program called NeuroWhyology. He is known for developing high-performing sales, service, and training initiatives. Diverse experience in Learning & Development, management, recruiting, and consulting. Insightful ability in partnering with team members and Executive Leadership to identify and capitalize on facilitating change to support the organizational operating objectives.

My Sessions

Does Spiritual Mindfulness have a place in Corp. America?

The “old-school” vision of corporate America often conjures up images of serious, stuffy boardrooms with people dressed in their formal best. Much of their attention is focused on maximizing profit and enhancing shareholder value. This vision of corporate America, however, is rapidly changing. Now, corporate America is a place where seemingly “non-businesslike” things, like spiritual […]

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