Jonaed Iqbal

Founder, NoDegree.com

Jonaed Iqbal is the founder of NoDegree.com. NoDegree’s role allows you to gain a competitive advantage by having “the right” employee. While you focus on your company culture and bottom line, the candidate you need for your business is being filtered and found. NoDegree works with companies that see past the college degree.

Companies like Google, VaynerMedia, IBM, and others are at the forefront of this new trend. He is a fiercely advocate for extraordinary individuals who have chosen to bypass the traditional college route and go straight into impacting the world.

My Sessions

How to Get Anything You Want

Jonaed Iqbal went to Columbia University and received a master’s degree in actuarial science. But he has dedicated his life and career to helping people without college degrees. There used to be a stigma about not having a college degree and attempting to get a stable and growing position in corporate America. That has all […]

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