Jason Forrest


Did you know that 64% of all Sales Professionals don’t make their quota in their first year? 🤔

As a Company Owner, CEO, Sales Manager, It’s kind of frustrating right⁉️

You keep thinking, how do I drive more sales revenue when my sales team keeps underperforming? 🤑

Why do I have to keep giving discounts and big promotions to sell my products/services only lowering my profit margins?

My products and services are superior than the competition, yet why do I keep losing sales to them?

That’s where my team and I come in!

We can deliver the Ultimate Sales Warrior to you!

🔔Here is what I help you do🔔

👉Recruit, Assess, Onboard the Ultimate Sales Warrior for you. This means immediate ROI in the first 90 days.

👉Train your existing Sales Professionals how to have the Mindset, Process, and Persuasive Language of the Ultimate Sales Warrior. This means increased closing rates and higher margins.

👉Train your Sales Managers how to be the Bill Belichick, Pat Summitt, Nick Saban, and Pete Caroll of Sales Coaching. Allowing you to retain your Sales Warriors so they don’t leave you for the competition.

👉Create a Revenue Operating System inside of your company. Giving you the systems of accountability to drive even more profitable revenue.


FPG.com has disrupted the sales recruiting industry by combining a recruiting company, an assessment company, and a training company in one.

👊We screen the candidates using Neuro-Linguistic Programing based questions and third party assessments to make sure they are goal-oriented, motivated, fearless, procedural based, and culture fit for you.

👊We train your new Sales and Sales Management recruits, and existing Sales Professionals in our 90 Day Warrior Selling Program. (Ranked #2 in the World by Globalgurus.org)

👊We train your existing Sales Managers in our 12 month Leadership Sales Coaching Program. (Ranked #1 in the World by Globalgurus.org)

👊We train your team how to adopt the Mindset of a Sales Warrior. Based off my recent book by the same name, (Stevie Award for best Sales Book in 2019).

👊We train your Leadership Team how to create Accountability through our Revenue Operating System. Think of this as the “Traction” or “Scaling Up” for Sales.

Your company’s growth is dependent on how many advocates you have telling the world why they need to choose you over your competition.

Contact me now to learn more!

4 Key Elements of the Ultimate Prospecting Video w/ Jason Forrest | Dubb Academy

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4 Key Elements of the Ultimate Prospecting Video w/ Jason Forrest | Dubb Academy

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