Jaime Cohen

Communication Coach & Advisor, The Right Words

Jaime is a communications coach and advisor. She is the founder of the right words, which provides training to help clients level-up your communication skills in multiple areas. Ultimately, she is a true speaking professional who has a wealth of tips and insights on how we can improve our communication skills. 

Sitting down with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Jaime shares her thoughts on a wide range of subjects, including her earliest experiences with public speaking, the way that you can feel most confident when speaking in public, why mustering up the courage to perform comedy can drastically improve your confidence and speaking skills, and why storytelling is so powerful (no matter the content or subject matter that you are discussing). No matter your competence or confidence in your communication skills, Jaime has action-packed advice that can take your communication skills to the next level. 

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Mastering our Communication Skills

No matter our personal or professional goals, communication skills are critical. You’re going to need to persuade others, whether it is a potential investor in a tension-filled boardroom or that attractive person at the bar. For some of us, public speaking and persuasive communication can be anxiety-inducing. And if you are confident in your communication […]

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