Jahmaal Marshall

Global Lead, International Justice Mission

When his father (who was his best friend) passed, it seemed as if a part of him died.

Jahmaal began to question everything he was as a man👨🏾, leader, counselor🛋️, and teacher🏫.

He questioned his faith, everything he believed about God, and all that he thought he knew about life. He began to think that he was losing who he was, and to be honest, in some ways he began to decline and withdraw.

He went for nearly a year without a full-time job, as he turned down opportunities that came his way.

However; ONE THING was certain to him.

He didn’t want to do anything that he wasn’t passionate about or fight for a cause that he didn’t believe in!

He has watched and even counseled some, who have wasted much of their time⏱️, talent and treasure💰 filling the shoes👞 of another, or chasing their parent’s dreams💭.

Whether it’s the constant struggle to compare oneself with another or drive to survive that places us in seasons where we aren’t functioning at the maximum of our God-given potential…

most of us never realize what we are placed on this earth for until we are visited by the ghosts👻 of missed opportunities towards the end of our journey. 🤦🏾‍♂️

The Importance of Humility

The Importance of Humility

What if we told you that humility is one of the most important traits for business success? It may be one of the last things that you consider as you proceed toward your goals. Whether you want to sign that key client or get that promotion, it can seem like you need to be extremely […]

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 The Importance of Humility

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